How To Find Best Dried Sea Cucumber?

Satisfy your seafood craving with this tasty dry sea cucumbers.

Updated August 21, 2021

Dried sea cucumber is dried seafood that has many healing properties. It's also known as "sea ginseng" because its therapeutic effect is comparable to ground ginseng. Sea cucumbers are harvested from all over the world, but dried sea cucumber is processed in different ways depending on where it comes from and which country it's being exported to. Commercial dried sea cucumber production starts by boiling down fresh sea cucumbers, removing their internal organs, and then drying them out for preservation purposes.

People enjoy dried sea cucumber because it has a natural sweet taste that reminds us of the ocean, but it can be tough and chewy. We don't recommend picking dried sea cucumbers out of your teeth because they're difficult to chew and impossible to swallow! But don't worry too much about the taste, unless you have allergies to seafood-related animals like squid or octopus!

We've researched this healthy alternative to meat and will review some of the most popular ones. Here is our list;

1. Rosalyn Wild Caught Dried Atlantic Sea Cucumber 

Seafood that is a staple in many Asian cuisines; sea cucumber is an excellent source of protein. It's best when dried, and it can be eaten hot or cold with rice noodles for breakfast or served as part of appetizer platters. The flavor profile ranges from briny to sweet depending on the type and preparation method used, but all varieties are usually rich in minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron.

The product we review today comes straight from Canada without any added preservatives, so you know you're getting only fresh sea cucumbers; no fillers! These seafood are caught by hand in shallow waters off the coast, where they sun dry them before packaging them into these neat little bags, which are perfect for storage.

It is an excellent price for what you get - 16 ounces of "sea fruit" that packs a healthy punch with its high protein content and essential minerals such as calcium, zinc, sodium copper, and iron.


The sea cucumbers are caught in the wild and dried to perfection. The seafood is diced into tiny pieces. It smells fresh but not fishy like some other seafood can be. There's also no salt or sugar added to this product, so it doesn't taste as salty or sweet, which I find very appealing about this item!

You may use it as a nutritious snack with other dried fruits to increase fiber intake; make into soup by adding boiling water for added nutrients and flavor; use in Asian dishes like Ramen noodles recipes when you need an inexpensive seafood base that is high in protein, minerals, and omega fatty acids such as EPA and DHA within each cell membrane structure.

2. Wild Black pin Atlantic Dried Sea Cucumber

The sea cucumber is from the Atlantic Ocean. It was rehydrated to double its original size in just two days approximately. The sea cucumber tastes delicious and does not have any odor.
The sea cucumbers in the bag are dark in color but turn to a light brown after being rehydrated for two days. The sea cucumber is very crunchy when cooked with other ingredients, like carrots or onions. It also blends well with soy sauce, lemon juice, rice wine vinegar, and salt.


It's 8oz in weight, and contains about 70-120 pieces per bag. The dried version of this tasty treat can grow ten times its original size once soaked for some time! It has no odor to it at all, so you know that these are good clean eats with nothing added on top!

We would recommend this product because it is easy to prepare and tastes delicious on its own without adding anything else to it.

3. DOL Sun Dried Wild Caught Sea Cucumber

Sea cucumbers are best known for their sea-like appearance and taste, which is comparable to the texture of jellyfish. They're typically used as a garnish or an ingredient in seafood dishes such as seaweed salad or sushi rolls. Some cultures have previously suggested sea cucumber to have anti-inflammatory properties and be helpful with joint pain relief, though these claims haven't been medically proven yet.

Best Size

The small Black Pin sea cucumbers will increase in volume by three times when fully hydrated (it's important not to overcook them), making them denser than larger ones that are typically more rubbery. Their flavor also intensifies, absorbing sauces and other dishes better than sea cucumbers with a lighter color on the outside.

"The incredible thing about sea cucumber is that it's an amazing source of protein," said George Yang, owner of DOL Foods in San Francisco, to The New York Times in 2013.

4. XLSEAFOOD Sun Dried Wild Caught Black Pin Atlantic Sea Cucumber

These sea cucumbers are the cleanest and purest that you can find. They grow 20 to 50 feet under Arctic waters, where water temperatures never exceed 4 degrees Celsius, meaning they're free of any human or industrial activity. The protein content is about 35%, with 18% being made up of their saponins which aid nourishment for your skin while also fighting aging signs like wrinkles because it's rich in vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A and B12!

This one will be sure to leave a lasting impression on whoever eats them; not only do they have an unusually high amount of proteins, but at these low-temperature levels, there is no chance whatsoever for contamination from harmful bacteria or viruses due to its location deep below the Arctic waters.

It looks so yummy and fresh, with significant portions and beautifully plump seafood that's perfect for any dish! The black pin variety also adds beautiful color to my meals which I love - looking at pictures of this food makes me want to eat them all at once even though they're not exactly cheap on price as far as fish go. For 30-60 pieces per pound, there are some pretty good deals out there, too; it depends on what you plan on using them for (like if you just wanted to snack or cook an entire meal). Honestly, these aren't too salty like other seafood products, which is a big plus.

There are also hints of soy sauce in every bite, and it just feels so fresh, like I'm at the beach with the ocean all around me! It's great to be able to cook at home without having to worry about preservatives or other additives that are usually found in seafood. This product gives you everything you want out of seafood - natural taste, hearty portions, good ingredients (especially if you're looking for no salt).

5. Erlin Dried Sea Cucumber Small Floridana

Did you know that dried sea cucumbers come in a variety of shapes and sizes? Some are small, some larger. The smaller ones usually have more delicate flavors than the large ones but can contain as many pieces per order!

The small size is perfect for sea cucumber soup, at about 100-140 pcs/lb - each one about 4 to 5 cm long with fresh flavor from the ocean still clinging on. Produced by Erlin Dried Seafoods, this company produces only sea cucumbers that are dried to perfection with no preservatives or additives whatsoever.

Best for Soup

Our favorite thing about these particular product is that they're not sticky! Rather than using saltwater, which makes them soft and squishy, these have been naturally air-dried to achieve an interesting texture while still being plump and juicy on the inside. In summary: excellent flavor; tastes like it's fresh from the ocean.


What is a sea cucumber?

Sea cucumbers are invertebrates that live in saltwater and grow to about 60 cm long. They look like a worm, have no eyes or brain, can shoot their tongue out of its mouth up to 25 times per minute when it feels threatened by enemies such as octopuses and other fish who want to eat them.

What is the difference between dried sea cucumber and sea cucumber jelly?

We found dried sea cucumber to produce more health benefits than dried sea cucumber jelly, such as a whole dried body without a head. The whole dried body without the head is dried on both sides and has been boiled in the sun with its skin on for a long time until it becomes hard and brittle.

Why do people eat these sea cucumbers?

Sea Cucumbers have many benefits to human health that make them popular with many people around the world. These include repairing damaged cells and fighting bacterial infections like tuberculosis by increasing immunity levels. They also help people with heart disease, regulate the immune system and increase metabolism.

What are some of the benefits of a sea cucumber?

Sea cucumbers contain a lot of beneficial nutrients such as Vitamins A, B12, C, and D; calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, and protein, which provide humans with many health benefits, including repairing damaged cells to fighting bacterial infections like tuberculosis by increasing immunity levels so we can have a healthy body. It helps people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases improve their condition or even recover entirely while regulating the immune system for those who need it. It increases metabolism and enhances digestion while providing more energy to our bodies.

What is the difference between dry sea cucumber and boiled sea cuke jelly?

The benefits that dried whole body without a head has are more than just being eaten as food because they can also be used in many ways to help people with illnesses such as measles or chickenpox by taking them orally or applying externally on sore spots like skin rashes; pregnant women who want to have an easy birth should eat these when their pregnancy reaches full term so they will not need any surgery during delivery time. They also stop vomiting for those who suffer from stomach problems which helps relieve pains in some cases when applied directly onto the stomach area. It prevents diarrhea because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

How to dry sea cucumber?

Sea cucumbers are best dried in the sun. These animals inhabit shallow warm waters of tropical seas and grow up to a foot long, with no back end or head. It is important to first clean them before drying because they tend to be covered in sand at the bottom of sea beds, where they live on kelp plants for food. 

What does sea cucumber taste like?

Sea Cucumbers taste like their soft and slippery texture, which is slimy with a bland taste.

They do have a subtle flavor similar to chicken broth or bok choy which may be due to the product of bacterial decomposition inside of the animal. It can also have a very mild flavor resembling shrimp with an earthy note from exposure to seawater. In some regions their mildly salty taste is enjoyed by popular cuisine and eaten fresh raw in order to detoxify the digestive tract.


We have tried to cover Dried Sea Cucumber, and as we did so, we tried to select products from different price ranges. The product that stood out for us was Rosalyn Wild Caught Dried Atlantic Sea Cucumbers. This is a high-quality product with an affordable price tag. If you’re looking for the best dried sea cucumber around, this is it!

Come back soon to read some other informative and interesting posts about different seafood products! 

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