Kitchen Garden Windows: Advantages, Disadvantages and Installation

Simply choose the right windows for your kitchen and you'll be able to enjoy all of these benefits and more!

Updated October 5, 2021

Many kitchen gardeners are looking for the best way to increase their kitchen space. There are many ways that people can do this, but one of the most popular is installing kitchen garden windows. These windows give you a lot of benefits including easier access to your kitchen garden and increased natural light in your kitchen. However, there are some disadvantages too so it's important to weigh out both sides before making a decision about whether or not these kitchen window inserts will work for you.

Types of Kitchen Garden Windows

There are many different types of windows that you can use for a kitchen garden window.

The first type is a traditional bay window which projects out from the main home and has three panels, two side panels and one middle panel that juts out further into space. The second option is to put in more than one set of windows next to each other, with one smaller than the other so that they fit together like puzzle pieces to form an archway or curved opening at your desired height above ground level. The third choice is just installing normal rectangular shaped single pane windows on either their own or as part of another design such as French doors leading outside. Finally, there's also sliding glass patio doors which give you easy access but may not give you the privacy and security that you need for a kitchen garden area.

Advantages of Kitchen Garden Windows

There are several different advantages to using kitchen window inserts as opposed to other options such as patio doors or skylights. 

Natural Lighting

One major advantage is increased natural light in your kitchen which will brighten up the room and make it feel larger than it actually is. This is a big advantage whether you use the windows for a kitchen garden or just as regular window inserts. If your kitchen doesn't get much natural light, it may feel small and closed in which will make everything look dark and dingy even if there's actually more space than you think!

Indoor Kitchen Gardening

Another big benefit is improved access to your outdoor space, especially if you have an indoor herb garden! This is because you can leave the window open without worrying about your indoor plants being affected by cold drafts or outside pests. Plus, if it's an automatic opener, you don't even have to get up from your chair in order to go out into the garden which takes away much of the hassle that comes with gardening!

Except for herb gardenss, kitchen garden windows are also a great way to bring the outdoors in and give you access to your entire outdoor space at all times. You can plant vegetables, fruits or flowers that will grow higher than head level so if they need regular maintenance such as weeding or harvesting, it's easy for you to just reach out of the window instead of having to go outside and let in cold drafts.

Energy Efficiency

Replacing a conventional kitchen window with a garden one will improve the energy efficiency of your home. This means that it can help you save money on your energy bills and be more environmentally friendly. It will also make the inside of your home cozier during winter months since there won't be as much cold air coming in from outside thanks to the insulated glass which is usually double paned for extra insulation.

The secret to obtaining the best insulation is in window panes that are 1 inch thick or thicker. Double paned windows are usually recommended because they have two sheets of glass separated by an insulating layer. This means that there is a greater resistance to heat transfer which makes the inside of your home warmer.

Increased Ventilation

Since these window inserts open up your kitchen to the outside, it also helps with ventilation. This means that air can flow better if you have poor circulation or if there's not enough natural light coming in from regular windows so this is another definite advantage whether you're using them for a garden area or only as normal single pane window inserts.

Enhanced Sight View

Kitchen window inserts provide you with a much better sight view than regular windows because they're usually bigger and made of thicker glass. This means that if you have an outdoor space such as a patio, pool or yard in your garden which you want to keep an eye on, these types of kitchen windows can be the perfect option for this purpose!

Real Estate Values: Resale Value

Finally, they can also increase property value by giving buyers another reason why this house would be perfect for them instead of having to rely on just size alone. For example, if it's a bigger home but doesn't have much natural lighting or access to your outdoor space then that may be enough for some people and others not to even consider the house! But when you add in kitchen garden windows and give them both increased light and easy access to their own herb garden they suddenly see this as an added benefit instead of a negative.

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Disadvantages of Kitchen Window Inserts  

While there may be many benefits from installing these windows into your kitchen, there are also several potential disadvantages.

Installation Place & Costs

This type of window sticks out from the surface of the wall, so you can't put it wherever you want. A position from the back of the house with a view of the garden is ideal for such an opportunity. And that's why the first disadvantage is being limited to a certain area of your house.

Another thing to consider about this type of window is how much it will cost since there are other installation costs as well as energy efficient features and materials you'll want in order for these windows to work properly. For example, if they're not installed correctly, the humidity levels in your house may increase which will lead to mold growth around these areas.

Kitchen window inserts are also fairly difficult to install since you'll need a professional that knows what they're doing. If this is something that interests you then it would be best if you could find someone who has experience installing them in the past and can give you some recommendations about where to go or who else to contact for additional help.

Leaking Problems & Condensation Buildup

Another disadvantage is leaking problems due to poor installation or just wear and tear over time, especially if you have harsh weather conditions where you live since no windows are 100% waterproof! This can cause water damage inside your home which may lead to mold growth.

Another common problem that many people report with these windows is condensation buildup since they don't let moisture escape properly and instead trap it inside the house where your plants live! This can result in rotting of both indoor and outdoor plants as well as potential health problems for you if left untreated over time.

Low Energy Efficiency

Not all garden windows may have have the same insulation as patio doors or skylights and this means that you won't be able to save as much on heating and cooling bills. It also means that your kitchen will definitely not be energy efficient if it's left open all year round because there isn't enough protection from the elements!

Privacy Issues

Another disadvantage is reduced privacy in an area where many people like to relax alone which can make them unhappy with their purchase if they don't realize beforehand how much less secluded these windows will leave them feeling. This is especially true if they're right next to your dinner table where you eat all of your meals or near the sink which will be used for doing dishes and laundry. Both are areas that people like to have alone time in without worrying about being overheard by their family members or guests.

Installation Options For Kitchen Garden Windows

There are a few different ways install window inserts depending on what type of window frame you already have installed at your home as well as what kind of look best matches up with existing design elements both inside and outside the house. If you want something that matches up with existing window frames then you can just get the same kind of windows that already fit into your home and create a matching frame by using wood or metal.

Alternatively, if it looks better to have something different than what is there currently but still within the same dimensions of an interior door so that you can open and close them easily, then you could also use sliding glass patio doors which would allow for easy access while keeping privacy at the same time.

Final Thoughts

I think kitchen garden windows are great because they're not only beneficial in terms on increasing space inside your kitchen but they're also helpful when it comes to providing increased natural light as well as improved access to your outdoor area during good weather conditions such as rain or snow! However, one disadvantage of kitchen window inserts is that you won't be able to access your outdoor space as easily on days it's raining or snowing which means you have to wait until conditions improve before going back outside.

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