The 6 Best Hansgrohe Kitchen Faucets

Stay in style with the latest technology and designs of these Hansgrohe kitchen faucets.

Updated May 16, 2022

When you're looking for a Hansgrohe kitchen faucet to put in your home, the product must fit with both your budget and design style. Finding the right one may not happen at first sight. There are many different models, some more expensive and feature-rich than others. We take a look at kitchen faucets with the Hansgrohe brand from all price ranges to help you choose the one that suits your needs best!

This article will review some of the long-lasting faucets from this years of experience German brand. We've followed expert tips for finding the best faucets for your kitchen and have compiled a list of some top-rated models.

We'll start with one of our favourite taps from Hansgrohe, which is also one of the tallest on this list. We consider both price and quality to come up with our list of recommendations for you!

#1 Best Overall - Hansgrohe Joleena Semi-Pro Kitchen Faucet

Hansgrohe introduces a new kitchen faucet that features an open-coil spray head. This design allows you to water where you need, even in the largest sinks! It's Hansgrohe Joleena Semi-Pro Kitchen Faucet that takes the pole position on our list due to its professional-grade quality and features.

It has a design with functionality and convenience in mind since it can reach almost any size of sink for optimum use. The unique shape also guarantees total control over what goes on under your hands during washing or cooking, which can be especially difficult when working at larger sinks such as the ones found in restaurants and kitchens alike.


This model is the highest model on our list, allowing you to work at your sink from a 19.25-inch distance, so you can get all the way into scrubbing away those hard-to-reach spots. It has integrated double backflow prevention that makes sure no leaks are coming from the tap. Joleena Faucet has an aerated spray and needle spray for you to choose from. It is low flow compliant; it will not use too much water during use – that makes this model perfect if you are trying to conserve water or just want a lower cost of living in general.

The Hansgrohe Joleena Semi-Pro has a 360-degree spout and 18-inch long pull-down extension hose, which gives full access to your sink and makes it easier to fill the pot or clean your dishes. It is made from high-quality brass, so it will last a long time and stay looking shiny new! Its polished nickel will also fit any kitchen decor and style you are trying to achieve for your space!

In addition, the Faucet also has a low flow rate of 1.75 GPM. Hansgrohe Joleena Semi-Pro has a toggle spray diverter with a pause feature that makes it easy for you to temporarily stop the water stream when dealing with your food preparation needs.

#2 Best High-Arc - Hansgrohe Talis S² Easy Install Kitchen Faucet

Talis S collection offers the simplicity of design, accentuated by stark geometry for anyone looking for an understated look. It has a simple design with no seams and no unnecessary details.

The faucet offers two spray modes: full and needle, which is the complete option for relieving any sore muscles. It features a 150-degree swivel range to let you get the water where it needs to go without moving the entire fixture around on your sink deck. The pull-out head has a magnetic docking mechanism that holds it in place. It also has a 12-inch hose extension that will help you reach those reasonably distant places or fill up kettles and pots.


The Talis S Collection is air tested to be leak-free - a rare occurrence in the plumbing industry, so you know it'll work as expected and not have any problems down the road with your installation! So there are no more hard mineral deposits left behind as other materials do over time, thanks to the quick-clean features of silicone.

The height of the faucet is 16.25 inches, and it has a spout reach of 8.75 inches. If your sink has an exposed lip or you want more space on top for dishes, then one with a long spout like this will be good to go! This faucet is rated at a flow rate of 1.75 gallons per minute. The box includes standard 3/8 inch flexible connection hoses, so you don't need to bother and go to a hardware shop to get one. However, if you wish to install it on your sink deck, you'll need to purchase a baseplate separately, which the recommended size is a 10-inch one. If you want to install the faucet over existing counter-spaces, then this is not necessary.

We think this is a perfect faucet for those looking for an elegant look without any extra design features that can be hard to maintain over time.

#3 Best Prep - Hansgrohe Focus 2-Spray Prep Kitchen Faucet

Hansgrohe's Focus Kitchen Faucet features a minimalist and sleek design that is perfect for modern-day kitchens. The faucet has two spray modes: laminar (with gentle, soft water) or needle (for powerful sprays of water). It also includes a magnetic docking mechanism to hold the pull-out head in place.

The faucet is 15.75 inches tall with a spout reach of 7.3 inches, which provides plenty of clearance for cooking or filling pots. It has a 150-degree swivel range to let you get the water where it needs to go easily without moving the entire fixture around on your sink deck. There's also an easy-to-clean silicone nozzle that resists lime buildup by wiping away residues quickly. So there are no more hard mineral deposits left in crevices like other materials do over time. This feature has the name QuickClean.

Also Great

The Hansgrohe Focus features ceramic cartridge technology that helps extend product life by cutting down wear and tear due to use from calcium carbonate crystals found in tap water. You'll have a one-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

Hansgrohe's Focus Kitchen Faucet is a durable and stylish piece of plumbing available in two colors to suit most kitchen decor, including the following: chrome and steel optic. You can install it over existing multi-hole counter configurations, which means you don't need to change your kitchen's layout to use it! The product comes again with a 3/8" connection hose; however, the baseplate is sold optionally for installation purposes.

#4 Best Budget - Hansgrohe Lacuna Pull Down Sprayer Kitchen

The Hansgrohe lacuna is hands-down one of the best price performance Hansgrohe kitchen faucets on the market for a couple of reasons. It has a pull-down sprayer and comes with a 10-inch baseplate, which is not seen often on many other Hansgrohe kitchen faucets. If you're changing a kitchen faucet to an existing 3-hole mount, you can use this base plate to cover any spare holes.

This faucet has a stainless steel finish, which gives it that clean and modern look. It is also deck-mountable for quick installation; all mounting hardware is included!


It has an advanced spray with a wide range of motion for quick rinsing and cleaning. It also features secure docking, meaning you can quickly put away hoses and nozzles without worrying about them getting stuck or tangled! The soap dispenser is included, too, so all you need to do is install the Hansgrohe lacuna in your kitchen and get going on cooking up some delicious food!

The Hansgrohe Lacuna also has an advanced spray with a flow rate of 1.7 gallons per minute. There's no sensor, but the Hansgrohe lacuna is secure and comes with all mounting hardware!

The Lacuna kitchen faucet has a 150-degree swivel area, so aiming the water stream is easy. It is 17" tall and has a spout reach of 10.5", which is good cleaning in most kitchen sinks. This Lacuna kitchen faucet comes with all mounting hardware and includes a soap dispenser. In my opinion, a complete set including a pull-down sprayer is one of the most significant selling points for this kitchen faucet! It saves you time from having to get up and fill a bucket or pan while cooking!

This kitchen faucet is perfect if you are looking to purchase an affordable, reliable, quality product that will last you several years without breaking down or needing to be replaced.

#5 Best Handle - Hansgrohe Talis C Premium Kitchen Faucet

Hansgrohe brings tradition and innovation together in their Talis C collection kitchen faucets. The faucet is 15" tall and has a spout height of 9-3/8". This makes it comfortable enough to clean larger pots and pans without having to move them from on top of the sink behind you. The spout swivel allows for a full range movement of 150 degrees, which means that you can clean any nook or cranny without trouble! The pull-down spray head design means that you can quickly rinse off vegetables or sticky pots without having to get your hands wet. The spray head also docks magnetically when not in use, which helps keep countertops dry and free of dirt and messes.

Polished Nickel

There are two spray modes, the full and the needle. The latter is perfect for cleaning without needing much water or soap, while the former helps with rinsing off larger dishes. One of my favorite features about this faucet is that it comes with a flexible hose extension which will extend to 12" in length! This means you can easily fill up pots on the stove or even in your sink without having to move things around. It also means that it's easy for kids and adults alike to use!

The faucet has a flow rate of 1.75 GPM like the others on our list, which is plenty of water to accomplish any task in the kitchen. The flexible 3/8" connection hoses also allow for easy and quick disconnection and connection without having to use heavy tools.

The Hansgrohe Talis C Premium Kitchen Faucet is one of my favorite kitchen fixtures with its polished nickel finish. I would highly recommend this to those looking for a high-quality and durable kitchen fixture.

#6 Best Pull-out - Hansgrohe Talis Loop Lowrider Pull-out Kitchen Faucet

Talis Loop Lowrider kitchen faucet is made of high-quality materials that will not corrode or rust over time. It is easy to install and very powerful. As the name implies, it has a medium to low 12-7/8" height and 11-1/8" spout length while offering a quite satisfying 10" spout reach. It provides two different modes for the user to choose from: one for cleaning and another for rinsing. You can change the flow modes with just one click of the spray control.

It also features a spout swivel of 150 degrees which allows you to easily move around your sink while still having access to the water source; its pull-out spray head means you can clean from a distance, and the hose extension will reach up to 10 inches of your sink.


The silicone aerator is easy to remove for cleaning, while the ceramic cartridge has been designed for long-lasting performance. Along with durability, in terms of water streaming, the Hansgrohe Talis kitchen faucet can deliver 1.75 gallons of water in 60 seconds.

We think the Hansgrohe Talis Loop Lowrider kitchen faucet is the perfect choice for homeowners with medium to tall sized sinks looking to add another high-quality faucet into their kitchen. The low height prevents any water from spilling onto the counter while still giving you plenty of water pressure and two different spray modes. You'll also love that the pull-out spray head allows you more mobility around the sink when cleaning or rinsing dishes. All in all, this kitchen faucet offers everything you need at an unbeatable price point!


What is magnetic spray head docking?

Magnetic docking ensures that your faucet spray wand stays neatly docked when not in use. So you don't need to put it back manually by hand or worry about it getting misplaced.

What is Hansgrohe EcoSmart technology?

EcoSmart, also known as RightSmart, is the next generation of Hansgrohe's water efficiency technology. It reduces water consumption by up to 60% compared to a traditional faucet. It does so with an improved spray pattern that only uses around half as much pressure while still delivering outstanding performance!

Why choose a Hansgrohe kitchen faucet?

Hansgrohe has been an innovator in the field of plumbing products for over 175 years, and they've become one of the most trusted brands. Their innovative designs and thoughtful engineering result in beautiful, durable kitchens that never let you down!

Where are Hansgrohe kitchen faucets made?

Hansgrohe's faucets are not manufactured entirely in Germany and do include parts made abroad. The company has factories on both sides of the world to produce its products in the United States, Germany, China, and France.

Is Hansgrohe and Grohe the same?

No, they are not. Until 1936 both brands belonged to descendants of their respective founders; however, things changed when they became two separate entities with different owners.


If you're ready to create a space that feels like home, Hansgrohe kitchen faucets are just what the doctor ordered! So if you're looking for quality and reliability, take a look at these top-rated products, which we spent hours researching and reviewing.

With so many options available on today's market, it can be challenging to choose which product is the best for your needs. That's why we've gone ahead and reviewed the best Hansgrohe kitchen faucets on today's market, according to our research and consumer feedback from verified customers who have actually used these products in their own homes.

We've rated Hansgrohe Joleena Semi-Pro Kitchen Faucet as our top pick because of its 18-inch long extension hose and open coil design, bringing professional kitchens' versatility to your home. It's a beautiful faucet that provides a pleasing amount of water flow, which makes it perfect for filling pots or even for soaking vegetables in the sink. And unlike many kitchen faucets on the market today, this one has a higher spout to accommodate taller cookware like stockpots without hassle. If you want your kitchen renovation project to be as easy as possible, we recommend starting with this commercial-style Hansgrohe faucet.

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