Best Under-Sink Water Chillers: 6 Great Options and Tips to Owning One

Get cold filtered water from your faucet on-demand.

Updated July 30, 2023

Who would not love the idea of having cold water immediately at any time in one’s kitchen? Even if it seems like an insignificant detail, having cold water dramatically changes the way you perform in the kitchen. Whether it will serve the most basic actions, such as rinsing starch off the pasta you boiled or to just enjoy an ice-cold glass of water immediately, a water chiller will definitely step up the quality of your kitchen. Water chillers are not products with significant differences, and the market is not competitive as it is for other kitchen appliances. Yet, you don’t have to worry at all; we have done all the research for you comprehensively and gathered some of the best in detail from all price ranges in this detailed guide to owning a water chiller.

Moving on, let’s look at what you can expect from these chillers and why they are such a good option for getting cool water directly from your faucet. Here are our picks;

6 Under-Sink Water Chiller Reviews

1. Best Overall Franke Large CT-200 Under-Sink Water Chiller


Our first outstanding water chiller on this list is the CT-200 by the brand FRANKE. It is one of the old designs for water chillers, and many customers are often satisfied with their purchase - even after a long period of 10 or 15 years. Thus, not only is it a reliable design, but it is also one of the most simplistic and practical. On the front part, you will see 2 small holes: one is for the water coming in, and one is for the water coming out. Last but not least, the thermostat is also on the front cover of this minimalistically designed kitchen appliance.


Improve taste, color, and health of your water. Also, works with Franke water filtration systems.

Capacity and Chilling Performance

This device is capable of delivering chilled water down all the way to 40F (≈4C): therefore, it excels its competitors in terms of efficiency - given the fact that most water chillers supply water at 50F.


The watercooler is able to chill up to 1 gallon per hour, which is a sufficient and average GPH rate compared to other water chillers on the market.

What We Like:

  • Produces only a low level of noise when running - similar to a humming sound.
  • 5 years of warranty
  • Engineered with a thermostat

What We Don't Like:

  • None

2. Runner-Up Iceberg Under Sink Water Chiller


Let us take a close look at the design of another chiller product: Next, we have Crystal Mountain’s Iceberg Chiller.

The first detail about this appliance that catches the eye is the cage-like side surfaces, which is implemented for a better airflow inside the chiller. This device has the most open sides, thus, cooling down will efficiently be made and not pose a problem as long as you also have the proper environment set under the counter.

Similar to previous options on this list, the water inlet and the outlet for this chiller is also on the top surface. In this situation, although this chiller has a slightly lower height, it is always best to double check the height under your counter to avoid any possible problem on installation.

Also Great

A compressor driven design that provides exceptional cooling performance, all while fitting under most sinks.

Capacity and Chilling Performance

Once the chiller is mounted, it will start to cool water to 39.2- 50F(4-10C) in the 0.5 gallon inner tank. Simply, in its medium-sized water tank, it has an excellent chilling potential.


As this water chiller works, it will be running at a speed of 3 gallons of water per hour. Thus, both in terms of flow rate and the temperature range, it can safely be concluded that the device is one of the preeminent.

What We Like:

  • 304 Stainless Steel reservoir
  • 1 year warranty
  • 3GPH delivery capacity
  • Includes a thermostat

What We Don't Like:

  • A smaller tank capacity (0.52). Nevertheless, the capacity does not affect the GPH that excels many other water chillers.

3. Best Budget Express Water Universal Water Chiller Water Cooling System


Next on our list, we have an impressive water chiller also with more compact and rectangular dimensions: another great product for those with limited space. When you take a first glance at this minimalistic water chiller, you notice the effort put into the design: black sides with a light colored front cover meets the eye. On the right side of the chiller, there is a circular grate for ventilation purposes, and where the inlet and outlet are placed is the top surface.

Best Price

Low energy consumption, environmentally friendly cooling solution.

Capacity and Chilling Performance

What is impressive about this chiller is its chilling performance: the device is able to cool the water down to 42F (6C). Moreover, the inner tank is ⅓ gallon, and the gallons it can supply in an hour is 0.6. Before we make our evaluation on these, we should again state that what matters is actually the GPH value rather than the tank capacity.


Compared to other chiller appliances, 0.6 GPH is in fact a small flow rate, which might be perfect for a small family. What is more, this water chiller is one of the budget friendly: If you wish to have a chiller to serve water for a few people, at the same time, not planning to spend a lot on it, Express Water Universal Water Chiller is one of the best fits for you.

What We Like:

  • Impressive cooling performance (42F)
  • Compact design
  • Thermostat
  • Great value for the money.

What We Don't Like:

  • Smaller capacity

4. Best Compact Everpure EV9318-30 Polaria Instant Water Chiller


Next, we have another great water chiller, this time by the brand Everpure. Different from others on this list, Everpure has designed this water chiller with a bit more different shape: as you might notice, most of the water chillers have cube-like designs; however, that of this chiller is a bit more rectangular and compact.

This is why Everpure EV9318-30 might be the ideal choice for those who have little space under their counters- it could safely be said that this one is also a bit of a space saver. In addition to the lovely compactness about this chiller, we also adored the overall efficiency of the design. To maximize air flow - which is crucial to a water chiller - the brand has put many slots to help the hot air to escape.

Lastly, the water inlet and the outlet of this chiller is placed on the top surface.

Less Space

Convenient for those with limited cabinet space.

Capacity and Chilling Performance

After the installation, you can cold water at 50F(10C) at any time. In terms of the temperature, we could say that this chiller is matching the sufficient average performance - again, most chillers on the market deliver water at 50F. In addition, the inner tank has a capacity of 0.7 gallon: which is slightly more than the average of its compact competitors.


Now, let us move onto what is best about this chiller: the fact that it has smaller dimensions, yet can chill and deliver up to 1.3 gallons of water per hour is simply extraordinary. Compared to devices with similar dimensions, this chiller overshadows each when it comes to flow rate.

What We Like:

  • Compact design
  • 1 year warranty
  • Ozone-friendly R134a refrigerant
  • Top notch customer service replace the item when necessary.

What We Don't Like:

  • The fact that the inlet and the outlet is on the top might cause problems if you do not have sufficient space under your counter.

5. Best for Office Chiller Daddy Under Sink Water Chiller


Penultimate on the list, we have Chiller Daddy Under Sink Water Chiller: a sturdy, classic water chiller that is constructed with premium 304 stainless steel. The appliance has two parallel sides with black grates so that the air can travel without meeting any obstacle: the perfect design to enhance ventilation.

Plus, there are many other great features in the design: the in and out tubes of this device are also on the top surface; yet, this time, they are placed on a lower level and surfaced with the top. As a consequence, you never have to worry about protecting the inlet/outlet part as you move or mount your chiller: the brand has implemented a quite simple yet practical detail.


Heavy-gauge construction and 304 stainless steel waterways make it durable and long lasting.

Capacity and Chilling Performance

The water tank this chiller has is 0.6 gallon, and the appliance is able to supply water at a temperature of 42-54F.


The water chiller is able to provide 1.32 gallons of water per hour.

Overall, our conclusion on the Chiller Daddy Undersink Water Chiller is that it has its place among the outstanding ones; with a large serving capacity and chilling performances that outshine their competitors.

What We Like:

  • 304 - premium quality stainless steel
  • Large capacity and fast cooling performance
  • 3-way noise suppression system
  • 1 year warranty
  • Thermostat for adjustable temperature

What We Don't Like:

  • Some users state that they started to experience leaking problems after a while.

6. Oasis R1P Remote Drinking Water Chiller


Last but not least, you are looking at another prominent chiller we have picked for you: Oasis R1P, a device that has the classic water chiller look we are familiar with. On its plastic front cover, the chiller has its inlet and the outlet, as well as a thermostat to adjust the temperature.


Easy installation for both under the sink or remote locations.

Capacity and Chilling Performance

Matching the sufficient and average temperature rate of the most water chillers on the market, this appliance also delivers water at a degree of 50F.


The brand states that this appliance is able to deliver at least 1 gallon of water per hour.

What We Like:

  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Thermostat to set desired temperature
  • Stainless steel tank

What We Don't Like:

  • Some users state that they had to change certain parts of the chiller after a while of use.

What We Look For In an Under-Sink Water Chiller

two frames including an under-sink water chiller and chilled water in two cups

Dimensions & Capacity

Since all the chillers serve the same purpose and don’t have many unique features that differ from one chiller to another, the dimensions of the device and the capacity are the two main features that you should consider. In terms of dimensions, we recommend making sure that you have enough space under the counter to fit the water chiller. On the other hand, for capacity, the principal factor when deciding should be the GPH rate and not the tank capacity: GPH simply refers to the hourly flow the device can handle.


In addition to checking the space, it is best to make sure that you have enough air flow in that place. For a chiller to serve cold water, it needs to get rid of all the heat the water already has, and since it is electricity powered, the appliance also creates more heat as it runs. Thus, for a better lifetime and performance, make sure that the device has enough airflow to cool itself down as it works. You might even consider opening a hole in the back of your cabinet so that the chiller can breathe.


A water chiller, obviously, will always be in contact with water. In addition, since it will be in a closed environment, the air might even be humid. This is why the material of the chiller - the water tank - matters: a food grade stainless steel, mostly 304, is the way to go.


Just like any other kitchen appliance, voltage specifications should be considered the most basic yet critical details: we always recommend making sure that the voltage of the device is matching your outlets.


Lastly, warranty services could be counted as another possible criterion when buying a water chiller. Note that these devices might require a bit more maintenance than other appliances, and you might find yourself having to change certain parts after a while. Thus, it is a good idea to take the warranty provided by the manufacturer into consideration as you make your purchase.

Under Counter Water Chiller vs Water Dispenser

When it comes to chilling your water, there are two main choices: a water dispenser or an under-sink water chiller. The two can be different in many ways, so it's important to know the differences before making a decision.

Under-Sink Water Chillers

If you're only concerned about cold water and looking for a more permanent solution, an under-counter water chiller is the way to go. These are fixture-like units that sit under your sink and connect to the water line so that you can access chilled water at any time. It is able to chill water using sealed refrigeration and provide it through a sepcific faucet on your kitchen counter.

Under-counter water chillers have a higher initial cost than bottleless models, but they are more energy efficient and more affordable over time. Because they are hidden out of sight, for aesthetics' sake, it does not matter either if their appearance is pleasing or not. Thus, there can never be an eyesore.

Water Dispensers 

If you want more than just chilled water, or if you just don't have room for an under-counter chiller, then a water dispenser may be the better choice for you. These units are more portable than chillers and can be placed on your countertop, mounted in a cabinet or just stand alone. Water dispensers can both pour hot and cold water, some even can be set for certain temperatures.

Bottled and bottleless water dispensers are two different types of dispensers that can be used for with our without a filtration system but have different benefits and drawbacks. Bottled systems require you to buy your own bottles separately. Bottleless systems require an additional piece of equipment (usually called a filter) that allows users to filter their own water at home instead of buying bottled water from stores; this kind of system can save money over time because it prevents the need to constantly buy bottles.


All in all, even though all the water chillers serve the same purpose, there are some significantly differing features among them such as capacity and the temperature they are able to chill the water down to. Most water chillers will supply water at the range of 40-50F (4-10C), and sometimes with the help of a thermostat, you will choose the ideal temperature you wish to have on the chiller.

After reviewing many water chillers with unique features, we think the Franke CT-200 Tank Water Chiller is the best option for those who need to cool water quickly and efficiently. It has a 5 year warranty and comes with an easy to use thermostat. If you are looking for an under sink water chiller that will work well in your home kitchen or office and chill your tank in less than an hour, then this is the perfect solution

If you're also interested in water chillers for your hydrodynamic setup or aquarium, that, we shared in the respective roundup. Thank you for visiting, and we wish you a lovely day!

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