Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks: A thorough evaluation

Undermount kitchen sinks add a modern touch to your kitchen like an art piece.

Updated August 14, 2022

Beyond being an appliance, it is better to consider a sink as a fine accessory. Whether it’s ceramic, steel, or iron, it is meant to complement your kitchen in the best way possible. To put it in another way, the design of your kitchen sink is one of the crucials since it has the power of changing the whole atmosphere. An undermount sink, on the other hand, is a seamless and easy cleaning version that will complement your kitchen in the most modern way possible.

Saving you the trouble of searching thousands of options, here are 8 among the best undermount sinks we have picked for you between every price range.

Here is our favourites list;

#1. Best Budget - Mensarjor Kitchen Sink

The first item on our list is the MENSARJOR single-bowl sink. Naturally, the design resembles a simple stainless steel square box, but construction is quite impressive. Plus, the sink comes with a lifetime warranty and customer service.


A great sink for a great price: designed with one of the leading brands' experience in sinks and MENSARJOR’s promising quality.


When we look at the specifications about the construction of the sink, we come across numbers such as 16 Gauge and SUS304 steel with a brushed look.

Simply, when looking at a kitchen sink, the lower you see the gauge rate, the thicker the material is, thus, the better sink you get. Same applies to the steel grade: to illustrate, a 304 steel is better than a 430. In fact, 304 is the most commonly used stainless steel in kitchen appliances. They are both food grade steel, and while 430 will cost you less, it will be less durable.


If taken a closer look, it catches the eye that the bottom of the sink has a minor tilt to the middle, in order to prevent water from building up and waiting in the bowl. In addition, the body of the sink has a 1.5mm thickness.


Draining hole is 3.5” and it matches the most common garbage disposal systems.

#2. Best Workstation - Kraus KWU110-32 Kore Kitchen Single Bowl, 32 Inch, 32"- Workstation Sink

Now, let us look at a bit more functional model, in other words, a workstation one. To begin with, it is possible to define a workstation sink as the type that has many accessories, some might be assembled or disassembled, and some might be just simple attachments. For a home cook or a chef, a workstation sink might be quite practical and life saving in limited working spaces, given the fact that it can also function as a cutting board or a storage space at the very same size.


Many features are packed in one model to save you ample space on your counter.


TRU16 - 16 Gauge: the thickest and strongest stainless steel on the market is used.


The sink has a full insulation for soundproofing, and a gently sloped bottom to prevent water from building up. However, what is great about the design of this workstation type sink, is of course the number and the diversity of accessories:

  • Roll up dish drying rack
  • Bamboo cutting board
  • Dish grid
  • Strainer
  • Drain cover

will all be available with your purchase. In addition to all home-cooks or chefs, this sink is also the perfect option for anyone with little room on their benchtop. Lastly, it is quite obvious that a compact sink-workspace combination might do wonders in a limited space


The sink can be connected to a garbage disposal.

#3. Best Double Bowl - Ruvati Low-Divide 50/50 Undermount 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Two Sides

A low-divide double bowl sink for those who seek a more versatile and practical design.


In the manufacturing phase, 16-Gauge and T-304 steel (18/10 Chromium/Nickel) are used to form optimum performance.


This sink by Ruvati with a brushed look is another one with a soundguard padding and undercoating to eliminate the sound metal sink bowls create. Moreover, it has curvy corners for eliminating build-up and have better cleaning, including the dividing part.

What a low-divide will allow you, is the ease of movement in cleaning. When you are holding a dish and trying to rinse it thoroughly, many double bowled sinks will cause you a bit of trouble in terms of space to move. Even though separated bowls help hand-washing, the divide in between limits maneuvering, especially if you are working with a large pan under running water. Thus, a lower divide will give you ample space when hand-washing and much more comfort, compared to a regular double-bowl sink.

Rinse grids and a basket strainer will be included in the box.


A garbage disposal can be installed to the sink; however, keep in mind that the included Ruvati basket-strainer doesn’t work with a garbage disposal unit.

#4. Best Single Bowl - Kraus KHF200-30 Standart PRO Kitchen Stainless Steel Sink

Next, we have an excellent farmhouse sink by the brand Kraus. A farmhouse sink, in other words, an apron sink, is a term that is used to describe the details about the outer design.

In farmhouse sinks, you can see the front edge of the undermount sink, which most of the time, is not leveled out with the countertop.

Best Apron

An apron look, an excellent grade steel, and a sound-reducing design meet at one sink.


In the design, T304 and TRU16 gauge - 1.5mm thickness- stainless steel is used. As we have mentioned, such grade material means superior quality, thus, this sink is another reliable and pre-eminent option.


As you might know, steel sinks are famous for the noise that is generated by the water hitting the sink’s wall. Thus, many producers include sound-reducing solutions in their designs.

In fact, the design of this sink is quite marvellous. Kraus has implemented extra-thick covering pads for sound reduction over 80% of the sink base. In addition, an X-shape is forged at the bottom of the sink for better drainage.

A kitchen towel, a protective stainless steel bottom grid, 3-basket strainer set are among the accessories offered by the brand with your purchase.


The sink is compatible with a garbage disposal; however, you should be double checking the space under your counter to figure out whether it will fit a 10 inch-depth sink and a garbage disposal at the same time or not.

#5. Best Design - KOHLER Whitehaven Farmhouse Sink

Next, we have another apron/farmhouse style sink on our list. In terms of the material, this one is not a steel, but a cast iron sink that comes in many different color options, and we have to state that each option is beyond fashionable.


A dream sink that will match the atmosphere of any kitchen. Comes in 12 different color options.


As we have mentioned, this is a cast-iron sink. But, what is great about it is the fact that it is manufactured with %80 recycled or reclaimed material. In other words, a sink this beautiful is also an environmentally friendly option.

However, note that this sink is also a heavy one, weighing 146 pounds due to the material used. Also, coated cast iron might be easier to scratch than stainless steel.


We are again stating that you are looking at a modern but extraordinary sink at every extent: the colors and the design is exceptional. Differently shaped than most of the sinks in the market, the drainage hole of this sink is placed not in the middle but at the top right corner.

Not only does this feature look great, but users also state that this altered design does not affect the drainage at all. Moreover, the sink is a heat-resistant one, and it can endure more than 1000F.


The sink is compatible with garbage disposal units.

#6. Ruvati Undermount 16 Gauge Tight Radius Large Single Bowl Kitchen Sink 

Modern Look

A sink of premium quality with a brushed look, modern touch, and curvy corners for better cleaning.


Superior T-304 steel and 16-Gauge thickness is again implemented on this sink.


When we take a first look, we notice the beautiful brushed steel finish. This is a great feature which adds modern details to the design rather than the classic shiny look we are familiar with. However, we should also note that brushed steel can be scratched easily. Thus, make sure that you are not using any harsh or corrosive cleaning equipment on the sink, such as steel wool or hard cleaning brushes.

Drain grooves are again implemented in the design of this particular sink: it has an X- shaped bottom to eliminate the chance of water sitting in the bowl. In addition, a sound-guard padding and coating will provide you thermal and sound insulation.

In terms of accessories, you will be receiving standard ones with your purchase: a drain cover, a rinse grid, and a basket strainer for the drain will be included in the box


You can install a garbage disposal to your sink, just make sure that you have enough room under the benchtop. If you don’t prefer having a disposal system, you can use the included basket-strainer for your drain. However, note that both the garbage disposal and the strainer basket cannot be used together.

#7. TORVA 30 x 18 Inch Black Ceramic Coating with NanoTek Undermount Kitchen Sink

Penultimate on the list, we have another stylish option for you, this time by the brand TORVA.

Modern Look

Time to step up the color game of your kitchen with a classy splash of black.


If we take a brief look at the details about the inner construction, we realize this sink is also of premium quality, manufactured with 16-Gauge and SUS304 grade stainless steel.

However, what separates this sink from its competitors concerns the outer design, an up to date black ceramic nano coating which will be adding a dashing modern detail to any kitchen.


Sound proofing steps have also been taken in the manufacturing period of this sink. Plus, rust-proof, hydro-repellent, scratch-resistant, and high-temperature proof features are added. Thus, both in terms of the construction, and the look, this exceptional sink seems to have no near competitors.

Last but not least, an x-groove for better drainage is also visible in the design.


It is compatible with a garbage disposal unit.

#8. Modena Undermount Bar and RV Sink


Another classic and durable option, but this time with sound and heat reduction.


If we take a brief look at the details about the inner construction, we realize this sink is also of premium quality, manufactured with 16-Gauge and SUS304 grade stainless steel. However, what separates this sink from its competitors concerns the outer design, an up to date black ceramic nano coating which will be adding a dashing modern detail to any kitchen.


Insulation for noise and vibration is considered, a coating on the outside is done for heat and sound reduction.

A sponge caddy, a grate, and a drain strainer with a lid are the accessories of the package.


The sink can be mounted with a garbage disposal unit; however, in that case, using the drain strainer won't be possible.


What is an undermount or an overmount sink?

An overmount, topmount, or a drop-in sink, is the classic sink type we are familiar with. They are easy to mount, and they hold onto the counter with their outline.

The difference between top mount or undermount is related to the edge of the sink. When you take a close look at an undermount sink, you won’t be able to see the lip around it simply because the counter will be covering that part.

In short, we could say that undermount sinks have a seamless design and no visible margins. The reason why people opt for undermount kitchen sinks is the ease of cleaning and the relatively stylish design. However, assembly of an undermount sink is more complicated than a top mount/drop-in one: these sinks require being sandwiched between the benchtop and a supporting element.

Which one is better?

They are both functional sinks, and the best option will change depending on your needs, as well as your kitchen’s requirements and pliability. We should state that an undermount sink is more likely to cost you a bit more than a drop-in one.

In terms of cleaning, there is no empirical evidence for deciding on a clear winner: for a topmount sink, you will have to clean all the mess sticking to the edge, and there is always the probability of dirt piling up between the sink and the benchtop in an undermount kitchen sink.

Should I have a single-bowl or a double-bowl sink?

In short, a double bowl sink is designed to facilitate hand-washing the dishes, and a single-bowl sink is made to provide larger working space. It is easy to clean a large pot in a single-bowl sink, while it requires less effort to do a thorough cleaning of multiple items in a double bowl-sink. In most cases, if you will be using your dishwasher, the bowl count will not make a huge difference for you. Yet, the price differs: as the double-bowl sinks save you space on the benchtop, they cost more than an average single-bowl sink.

What to look for in an undermount kitchen sink?

The major point you should pay attention to is the quality of the material. In this review, all the metal - stainless steel- sinks are of premium quality as we have explained below and so are the ceramic ones. Please note that any stainless steel sink will get scratched, but in time, it will blend in with the metal look and won’t pose a problem. To compare, ceramic steels are usually more durable when exposed to harsh, scratching material.

Dimensions also matter, but not to be a criterion for shopping. You will find the sink you liked available in many dimensions, sometimes in sizes of 10 or 12 different ones, and one will eventually fit your space. The reason why dimensions matter is because the depth of a sink sometimes limits space under the counter, and makes it impossible to connect to a garbage disposal unit. Thus, first measure and do your calculations thoroughly if you wish to use the disposing system.

Do undermount sinks get mold?

Unfortunately, there is a significant downside to this beautifully designed undermount sinks. The benchtop, covering the sink wall, might form a suitable environment for mold or mildew to grow. Thus, underneath the overhanging part, there is a chance of fungi spreading, but that should not pose a problem if mounting is done skillfully.

Plus, if you pay a little more attention to the rim by not leaving it directly in touch with the water all the time, you will have to deal with mold or mildew quite rarely. Lastly, you have to clean your sink regularly anyway, and it’s not much of a big deal to handle fungus growth if you spot one.

How do you remove mold from an undermount sink?

When getting rid of mold or mildew, chlorine bleach is the way to go. However, if the mold situation you have under the sink is a bit more complicated, you might consider changing the caulk. To do so, first you have to scrape out the old caulk, then clean thoroughly. Next, you wait for the edge to dry, then apply the new one in any color you like.


All in all, there are many factors that need to be considered before you make your purchase for the ideal sink. The space you have on the benchtop, your purpose, and the color palette of your kitchen are all the factors determining the overall design type of the sink you are going to get. Incidentally, regardless of the type, we should state that users are sometimes not satisfied with the efficiency of the drainage they get with their sink, and that is a common but not a major complaint. So far, on this list, we have paid special attention to covering products with different features from different price ranges. We hope that you enjoyed this review, and found it helpful on your way to choosing the perfect match for your kitchen.

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