How to Assemble a Mandoline Slicer

A few simple steps are all it takes!

Updated August 9, 2021

A mandoline slicer a compact and easy to use kitchen gadget that is perfect for slicing vegetables, fruits, or whatever else you might need it. When using this handy tool, it is as simple as the way it sounds.

Mandoline slicers are equipped with adjustable blades that can be used for coarse or fine cutting of food items depending on what may be desired by the user. The mandolines are also fitted with a safety blade guard so even if fingers come in contact with the blades there will not be an injury incurred. This is one unique feature that many other types of slicers do not have!

What is a mandoline slicer and how does it work?

A mandoline slicer is a kitchen tool that essentially helps to slice different types of food items. It can be used in the preparation of fruits, vegetables, or even meats. This particular type of slicer has adjustable blades that give the user control over how thinly or thickly they would want their food sliced. The traditional mandoline slicer is usually equipped with a hand guard to ensure that the user's fingers are kept safe.

Another great feature of a mandoline slicer is that it usually comes equipped with other helpful attachments based on what kinds of foods the user would like to slice. These additional attachments can also be very useful in preparing different types of food or even garnishing them. For instance, a mandoline slicer may have an attachment for cutting waffle fries, french fries or grating cheese. A mandoline slicer cuts all types of foods uniformly and it does so very quickly.

How to Assemble a Mandoline Slicer

How to assemble the mandoline slicer?

Since assembly might differ from one brand to another, it is best advised that instructions be referred to when assembling the mandoline slicer. Before you can use the mandoline slicer, it should first be assembled. To assemble the mandoline, place the stainless steel platform on a flat surface next to where you will be using it. Make sure that this platform is completely free of any debris or other unwanted materials before proceeding to next steps.

Some of the basic steps on how to assemble a mandoline slicer are:

If it is an electric powered one, turn off and unplug the mandoline slicer's power source. Stow away the cord in a safe location until you no longer need to use the slicer.

Open up and lay out all of the parts that came with your mandoline slicer on a flat surface. The parts should include the base, blade guard, food holder, assorted blades as well as an instruction manual or booklet that shows how to set up and operate your mandoline gadget.

Once all the parts have been laid out, remove any plastic wrappings together with any parts that might be already pre-assembled.

Start by screwing your food holder onto the base of your mandoline slicer. Make sure to do this properly and tightly so that the mandoline slicer will not shift when it is being used.

Next, set the blade guard into its holder and secure it in place by placing the screw back on top of it. This step is necessary to ensure that your fingers are kept safe at all times from contact with the blades. When using a mandoline slicer always remember to use the safety blade guard!

Thanks to Vivian Rogers for capturing this youtube video of how to assemble an OXO mandoline slicer.

Common mandoline slicer brands

Some of the most popular brands under which mandoline slicers are sold include: Fullstar, Gramercy, Dash, Mueller Austria, OXO and KitchenAid. OXO is a trade name which was registered in the United States and has been producing quality mandoline slicers since 1990. Also, KitchenAid offers a variety of mandoline slicers that are designed to help users slice and prepare different types of sauces, vegetables, fruits and even meats. The company offers a wide selection of attachments that can be used with its mandolin slicer products.

Final Thoughts

There are many benefits to using a mandoline slicer in the kitchen. It cuts food uniformly and quickly as well as provides safety features for your fingers while slicing. Due to how sharp these blades are, it is important that they be properly cared for so that they remain safe and effective at all times. To help with this maintenance process, we recommend storing your mandoline slicers on a flat surface away from any wet or damp materials which could cause corrosion of the metal parts. This way, it will always be ready when you need it!

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