Best Cast Iron Teapots for Brewing the Most Beautiful Tea

Meant to brew your favorite tea leaves within it while also adding beauty into your home decorating scheme!

Updated September 2, 2021

Only a few drinks and meals are consumed in common all around the globe - and maybe the most popular of them is a hot cup of tea. Beyond being just a hot beverage, many love tea since it serves as the perfect icebreaker in many social areas of life. Plus, a traditional teapot can often be a great gift for your loved ones!

In our opinion, making a heart-warming and good quality cup of tea depends on simple two steps:

  1. Mixing and matching different kinds of herbs to your wish
  2. Using the proper brewing method with the appropriate kitchenware.

The most fun part, the former is quite personal since it is always up to your preferences: and the latter depends on the overall quality of the teapot you have in your kitchen.

Although choosing an ideal teapot might be a bit confusing - especially if you are new to tea brewing - you don't have to worry at all: we are, once again, doing all the hard work for you. 

Just a few scrolls down on this page, you can find:

  • Our best cast-iron teapot selections
  • The most popular reasons to use cast-iron in teapots and
  • The detailed evaluations of the items on the market - depending on their characteristic features and price ranges. 

So, continue to the next stage of the page and read about the finest cast-iron teapots.

Benefits of a Cast-Iron Teapot

Extremely long-lasting and will endure a lifetime.

As you might guess, cast iron is a much more durable material than porcelain/china in kitchenware. It is quite hard to damage a cast-iron teapot; thus, such a product will serve you a lifetime - in other words, you are making a once-a-lifetime purchase with your cast-iron tea kettle.

Can be used in multiple ways.

Some cast-iron tea kettles come with a wide range of use: they can be used as kettles, brewers, or even air humidifiers, depending on their size and other specifications. Yet, always keep in mind that some cast-iron teapots are not made to be put on the stove - you can find all the information about the use of different kettles down below.

High efficiency by absorbing heat very well.

A further advantage is that the cast-iron material holds tea warmer for a longer duration: unlike using other teapots, you never have to worry about tea cooling down too soon. With the heat retaining the performance of the cast iron material, you can enjoy your tea as it stays warm up to 1 hour.

Better flavor and nutrition.

Last but not least, beneficial for human health, cast iron teapots enrich the tea you brew in terms of minerals by releasing some of the iron (Fe+2) into the water. Plus, some believe that the best and the most natural tea flavor is only extracted when using a cast-iron teapot.

A classic design that looks elegant.

Looking at antique and vintage cast-iron teapots, you can never but fall for their traditional looking design with the shiny blackish surface. The only downside of this type of kettles is the higher price: the use of a pure material often results in higher item prices - especially when we are talking about classic family heirlooms that will stay with your family for generations!

This makes them ideal items to have in your kitchen - as decorations and not only as kitchenware; hence, they will perfectly fit into any interior.

Simple to use since it has no extra parts.

For those who do not want to bother too much about using the kettle every day, having an easy-to-use product is important: no complicated features or other fancy stuff to mess up your ritual! A simple look should be the first characteristic cast-iron tea kettle designers keep in mind.

Of course, you should also be aware of the other useful features such as:

  • A notch for easy hanging and holding while pouring hot water;
  • A handle with a comfortable grip;
  • An air vent to prevent boiling over or spilling;
  • A spout for smooth pouring without dripping.  

Our Top Picks

#1 Best Overall - Toptier Diamond Design Cast Iron Teapot

Size: 1 tea kettle | Color: 7 options | Capacity: 30 - 54 oz.

First on the list, we are looking at a prominent tea kettle to every extent.

So far, we have explored all kinds of beautiful patterns that have been done on iron teapots, yet, this product is the one we enjoy the most - we are in love with the diamond-like outer design of the Toptier tea kettle.

Not only is this certainly a modern-looking teapot, but with its triangular sidewalls and a flat top, it will occupy less space in your kitchen. The teapot comes in 7 different soft colors, and the interior is fully enameled.



A tea kettle of 30, 40, or 54oz and a tea strainer will be included in your purchase.


The brand Toptier recommends using less water than the maximum capacity when boiling - to illustrate; one should put approximately 24oz of water into the 30oz kettle. The teapot is a stovetop-safe one, and just like any other tea kettle, using it on a small fire is suggested. Thus, avoid using extreme heating methods that might damage your teapot.

Last but not least the cleaning of the teapot should only be done with water as well.

#2 Best Beginner - Toptier Japanese Cast Iron Teapot

Size: 1 tea kettle | Color: 14 color options | Capacity: 6 options between 21 oz to 41 oz

Next, we have another lovely teapot: a refined Japanese tea kettle by the brand TOPTIER. The most beautiful detail that made us fall in love with these kettles are the vintage and elegant outer designs.

The teapot comes in 14 different soft color options, and they all have differing floral patterns/lines, outshining the many other tetsubins on the market in terms of the versatility of the design. Moreover, these graceful teapots have their place among the more budget friendly end of the market.



This purchase includes a tea kettle of 21 to 41 oz depending on your preferences, as well as a stainless steel tea infuser.


Keep in mind that the capacity of tea kettles are measured when it is filled to its maximum capacity, which should never be done if you will be putting it on the stovetop. Thus, this is another stovetop safe tea kettle, but make sure to have enough space between the lid and the water surface. We recommend using at least 5oz less water from the maximum capacity and a small fire for safety, so that the water has enough room to boil without spilling out. 

Before using your kettle for the first time, TOPTIER recommends brewing 5 to 10 grams of tea for approximately 10 minutes, and changing the water as you do this process 2 to 3 times - until the water is clear.

Lastly, the kettle is not dishwasher safe. The manufacturing brand recommends the clean up phase to be done with only water.

#3 Best Value - TOWA Workshop Japanese Tetsubin Tea Kettle Cast Iron Teapot

Size: 1 tea kettle | Color: Black | Capacity: 30.4 oz

We are going back to classic black teapots with another stunning design, this time we have the TOWA Tetsubin kettle. Different from previous options, this kettle has a lot more minimalist design: simple horizontal lines are used to create the striped texture from the lid all the way to the bottom. The interior, on the other hand, is enameled to preserve the scent and the most natural aroma of the tea.

A great plus is the handle that is wrapped with a light colored thread - a perfect detail for heat isolation and user safety.



The purchase includes a tea kettle as well as a stainless steel strainer.


This 30oz teapot can serve 3-4 cups when fully loaded - thus, when it is used for brewing only. However, please keep in mind that the teapot should contain about 25oz of fluid - enough to serve 2-3 people - when it’s left to boil on a small fire.

For cleaning, just like how you would take care of any other tetsubin, a simple cleaning process with only water is recommended.

#4 Best Set - Lumaland Tetsubin Hobnail Design Cast-Iron Teapot

Size: 8-piece | Color: Black | Capacity: 47 oz

The next item on our list we are looking at the Lumaland Tetsubin. 

A tetsubin is a Japanese cast iron tea kettle, usually with a black color and a dotted outer surface. This classic look of tetsubins is quite common, and in a tetsubin set, you are more likely to see cups without handles - Japanese teacups.

On the outside of this product by Lumaland, we see the significant design of traditional Japanese tetsubins - a hobnail design. And on the inside, an enameled coating is applied on the teapot to preserve the natural aroma of the tea while brewing.

Also Great


This 8-piece tea set includes a tea kettle of 47oz, a teapot warmer, a bamboo tea scoop, a stainless steel tea infuser, two cups, and the coasters.


This teapot by Lumaland is safe to use on a small fire of an electric, gas, ceramic, or induction hob.

After using the product, the cleaning phase should be done carefully, and before storage, all material should be completely dry.

When caring with delicate kitchenware such as sea sets, we always recommend a simple cleaning process with water and by hand. Note that this tea set is not suitable for being put in the dishwasher.

#5 Best Small - Old Dutch Cast Iron Saga Teapot

Size: 1 tea kettle | Color: Black | Capacity: 11 oz

Brewing some tea is not something that is necessarily done for a large group, and there is no reason for one not to enjoy some delicious tea brewed in a cast-iron teapot alone. This is where these tiny and personal cast-iron teapots came in: they serve 1-2 people, are super easy to clean and take care of. 

The kettle by the brand Old Dutch resembles any other classic Japanese cast-iron teapot - a tetsubin with a hobnail design - but it comes in much smaller dimensions. As the brand states, on the outside of this handcrafted teapot, a dotted and matte design is created by molding specially purified iron. The inside part has been enameled to preserve the natural aroma of the tea and lessen the possibility of rust forming at the same time.

In addition to the 11oz version, the brand has 2 other capacity options with similar designs on this product series: one being the 20oz option, and the larger being 101oz. The brand also adds that the largest 101oz Tetsubin - the 3 Liter 'Hakone' - can even double as a humidifier for your home.

Compact Pick


This purchase includes a tea kettle of 11 to 101 oz depending on your preference. A stainless steel infuser is also included.


Unlike other products so far, this teapot is not designed to be put on the stove, or to boil water. It is designed for tea brewing only - however, if you wish to keep your tea warm, you  might prefer using a tealight candle (avoid using any powerful heat source).

To clean the kettle, simply run it through warm water and dry thoroughly with a hand towel immediately.

#6 Sotya Tetsubin Cast Iron Teapot

Size: 1 tea kettle | Color: 10 color options | Capacity: 10 oz to 40 oz

Penultimate on our list, we have another stovetop-safe kettle, this time with lovely cherry blossoms on top. When we take a first look at the outside of the Sotya tetsubin, beautiful floral patterns that resemble the cherry flowers of the spring catch the eye. And to create a worn-out retro look on the flowers, the brand has chosen to highlight the ornament with a slightly darker and faded paint. In short, the exterior design is quite outstanding; and on the inside, there is an enamel coating to preserve the teapot and prevent rust from forming.

Vanilla Style


Depending on your choice, your purchase will include a cast iron teapot (10oz to 40oz) and a tea strainer.


As you use the kettle, make sure that it has at least ½ of water of the original capacity; if not, the enamel on the inner surface might get damaged on the stove. After using the product, don't let the water sit in the kettle for a long time. To clean the teapot without causing any damage, only run it through water, and don't use any sponges, detergent, or corrosive cleaner.

If you wish to take care of your kettle better, you may choose to polish it from time to time. To do so, all you have to do is take a soft cloth, soak it in some tea, and after squeezing the cloth, rub it gently across the outside of the teapot, which will end up in a glossy look.

#7 Juvale Black Cast Iron Tea Kettle Set

Size: 4 piece tea set | Color: Black | Capacity: 40 oz

We are ending our list with another classic Tetsubin - a budget-friendly option with the Dutch hobnail design: the Juvale cast iron tea kettle set for two.

The set is made in a rich and bright dark color, and all pieces are quite well built. However, as you are using an iron tea set, remember that the cups might get too hot for holding; thus, filling them up halfway might be a quite practical solution.


The tea kettle in 40oz capacity, a strainer, 2 tea cups of 3.4oz, and a trivet that matches the overall dotted black design of the set are included with the purchase.


The appliance is designed to brew and keep the tea warm when serving and is not a promising option for stovetops. Thus, the water you are going to brew the tea in must be boiled with another appliance beforehand, and the tea should not sit in the teapot for more than an hour.

To clean your kettle, you can run it through the water.

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Are cast iron teapots safe?

Yes, they are! In fact, a cast iron teapot is seen as one of the most healthy and natural ways of tea brewing. Not only cast irons have a traditional essence into them - they have been around since the 17th century -, but they also have the ability to release the mineral fe+2 into the water, making it rich in iron.

Will a cast iron teapot rust?

As long as you pay attention to the care of your teapot, you won't have to deal with rust problems. However, keep in mind that the cast-iron material might develop rust quickly if not properly cared. For those teapots with colorful outer surfaces, rust is less likely to occur since the paint keeps the iron away from coming into contact with water/air.

To avoid rusting, you might follow the few steps below:

  1. Don't let the water sit in your teapot for more than an hour.
  2. Don't use any corrosive cleaning agents or harsh brushes - a simple rinse with only water is enough.
  3. Before storing the teapot, always make sure that it is completely dry both inside and outside.

After using your teapot a few times, you will realize that the tannin from the tea leaves will create a protective layer on the inside, which will prevent rust from forming for a long time.

Can I use a cast iron teapot on the stove?

The answer depends on the product: some are stovetop safe, and some are not. Nevertheless, even if a teapot is not a stovetop-safe one, some brands might recommend putting the teapot on a tealight candle to keep the tea warm.

How do you take care of a cast iron teapot?

After you make your purchase, we recommend doing a simple care routine before your initial use.

  1. The first is the pre-brewing: put approximately 10 grams of tea in the teapot. If your product is a kettle, put it on a small fire. When the water boils, pour it all out. Add more water and repeat the process 2-3 times. Simply fill and empty the teapot 2-3 times with hot water for teapots that are not stovetop safe.
  2. Prior to each time you make tea, you might choose to warm up your teapot. To do so, just swirl some hot water inside and pour it out before you fill it once again.
  3. Lastly, we have the ½ - ¾ rule, which applies to stovetop safe kettles: if you are going to be boiling water, never put the kettle on the stove when it has less water than ½ of its total capacity since it might damage the enamel inside.

The same goes for the ¾ of the capacity - if you load your teapot more than ¾ of it, the hot water will spill out of the teapot as it boils - which might cause overheating and is quite dangerous.


In short, tea kettles are appliances that vary mainly in capacity and size. Thus, just like always, the purchase depends on the customer's expectations: the set size, colors, the capacity of the teapot and even the accessories included in the set change from one option to the other.

Whether you are looking for a teapot only to brew and serve the tea, or one to boil the water as well, we hope that you found our guide helpful and so far decided on the one that suits you the best. If you wish to have more information on all types of different kitchen appliances, don't forget to check out our other kitchenware reviews on

Thank you for visiting, and we wish you a lovely day!

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