Kitchen Faucets for Hard Water: Best from budget to premium

If you are looking for a future-proof faucet glittering in the kitchen, we recommend buying one resistant to hard water.

Updated June 4, 2022

A kitchen faucet is not just another household item. It is perhaps one of the most widely used appliances in a home. If you have hard water in your area, a lot of calcium and deposits can build up within your faucet. That's why we have created the best guide to kitchen faucet products for hard water on the market. In this article we will talk about the different types of kitchen taps, we will make a comparison of each one, create a user guide and finally we will go into detail which should be the best option for you. Are you going to miss it? Stay with us!

Below we have gathered all the information together and created a summary list for hard water resistant kitchen faucets to help you put forward an idea about these kind of faucets. Please keep on reading through detailed product reviews for a complete understanding.

A Quick Look at Our Favorites






GROHE L-Spout Minta

  • 11.63 inches spout height
  • Powerful water flow
  • Ceramic cartridge
  • Laminar diverter and Grohe's SpeedClean anti-lime technology



  • 9.63 inches tall
  • 3 function spray head: Boost, Sweep and Stream 
  • Metalic pull-down spray wand
  • Water-saving focused run


KRAUS Arctec Pro

  • 24.75" faucet height
  • Pre-rinse sprayer and pot filler in 1 faucet
  • Pull-down spout and magnetic docking
  • 360º swivel of each unit 


GIMILI Bar Sink Faucet

  • 11.8 inches height
  • Head with 2 functions: Spray and stream
  • Brushed finish
  • 3 year warranty



  • 9 inches spout height
  • Stainless stell pull-down spray head
  • 150-degree swivel range
  • Resistant silicone nozzle and polymer spray head

Why is hard water a matter?

Hard water can have a direct and indirect impact on household appliances and the environment. The harder the water, the greater the chance that limescale deposits will form in, for example, a kettle, dishwasher, or washing machine. These limescale deposits not only cause a haze on glass but also a lower efficiency of the devices, higher energy consumption, and faster defects. The substances that people then use to remove the lime end up in the sewer and are therefore harmful to the environment.

The hardness of water has virtually no effect on human health. Soft water would be better for sensitive skin, but can also lead to skin irritation because soap rinses off your skin less well. The drinking water has been softened by drinking water companies in such a way that the amount of lime present does not affect the body. However, a difference in taste can be noticed, especially, when someone who is used to soft water suddenly takes a sip of hard water.


Rainwater is naturally soft, however once it flows over soil and rocks rich in minerals (such as limestone) on its way to a reservoir, it picks up naturally hard minerals such as calcium carbonate and magnesium. When these minerals enter the water, it makes soft water hard. On the other hand, lava, for instance, provides a natural filtration process and brings soft, high quality water. That is to say, it's all up to the amount substances of the ground until you get the water to your home.

Ranking of Water Hardness in U.S.

Here is a map of the United States with various colors shaded into the map. Colors represent ranges of hardness starting at 0 and heading to 250 milligrams per liter. The hardness depicted is lime, mostly known of the coat on tea kettle's bottom when you boil the water away.

When we look at the map chart for regional analysis, in the northeast, New England states the water is relatively soft except when you get to the Adirondack Mountains and the water becomes relatively hard. In the southeast, water is also soft, except Florida where we have amounts of hardness especially along the east coast from Jacksonville to Cape Kennedy. Around Orlando and Kissimmee, water is very soft and same remains in the rest of the South. In Texas however, along the Gulf of Mexico, the water increases in hardness to the 181 - 250 range and that continues up into New Mexico Arizona and Los Angeles area in California.

Nevada, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, all have bands of hard water. Also, in the center of Ohio and then up north of Detroit in Michigan. The rest of the country is relatively soft, and west coast is very soft along the ocean, in particular. As a fact of nature, a lot of rain and volcanic rock provides very little water hardness. Volcanic lava rock behaves like a natural filter and delivers alkaline water with a unique taste.

Types of Kitchen Faucets

Today, there is a massive range of kitchen faucet designs and models that adapt to each person's tastes and needs. However, these devices can also be differentiated according to the type of their spout and head.

Currently, we find a wide variety of faucets that allow you to save space, adapt the spout to the needs of use, avoid obstacles or even open and close the flow of water through a pedal.

The first criterion of choice depends on the tap's installation since you can embed it on the countertop or the wall. Let's move to the details for the others.

Diagram illustration parts and dimensions of a kitchen faucet

Pull-Down and Pull-Out Faucets

Pull-down faucets, as the name implies, has a extension hose you can pull down of the faucet head. They are models made up of a retracting extension hose that does not usually exceed 25 inches in length. Pull-down kitchen faucets are perfect for reaching the most complicated places that conventional faucets are unable to reach. Therefore, they offer many facilities when it comes to scrubbing, and they turn out to be quite practical. They are widely used today for their versatility and are similar to the industrial type.

Pull-out faucets let you complete pull the faucet body out of the fixture. It originates from the pull-out spray taps as mostly seen in hairdressers. It's matter of preference for sure, but pull-out is not commonly a choice for kitchens.


They are models specially designed so that the spout can move from the vertical to the horizontal position to the base level. They can also turn from side to side to locate the water outlet at different angles. It is an ideal model if you have the sink in front of a window, for example, so that you can open it without the tap bothering you.

Vertical or High-Arc

This type of faucet gives space to the sink without getting in the way when you want to wash a large kitchen utensil such as a pot or a large pan. They are perfect for a kitchen sink with no window. Their only disadvantage is that if the sink is not very large, they tend to splash a lot. So, take the dimensions into account before opting for this kind of models.


They are taps that can be installed both on the shelf and on the wall. This type of faucets does not splash much, but it is not very comfortable for washing bulky kitchen utensils due to its low height corresponding to 3 to 8 inches above the kitchen sink.

On the other hand, as also mentioned in the folding models before, they are ideal for sinks that have windows that could collide or disturb a high spout when opened.

Spring Style

They are taps commonly used on a professional or industrial level. They have a spring that allows excellent mobility in the spout to adapt it to your needs, which is why it has many similarities to faucets with a removable spout. However, these are not retractable and always remain extended.

Pedal System

The pedal systems open or close the flow of water through a pedal located on the floor so it is not necessary to use hands. They are very practical so as not to get the handle dirty if you have dirty or sticky hands.

6 Faucets for Hard Water Reviews

#1 Best Overall - GROHE L-Spout Minta

This tap is merely well-designed and beautiful; in addition practical, and functional. We're in love with the outstanding self-retraction function that offers a smooth move back to the dock. Minta has a removable hose that will allow you to reach the most difficult to clean places in the kitchen. This is a tall tap that will enable you to fill pots of any size easily.

Top Pick

Grohe 30300000 Starlight Chrome Minta Single-Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

Crystal clear powerful water flow and the stainless steel extension hose make you feel the quality in your hands.

The materials used are excellent and undoubtedly make this tap, in addition to being beautiful, durable. The 'Grohe Minta' rotates 360º on its axis and has a counterweight for automatic hose retracting. This is definitely a great investment forever.


  • Easy to install, you will not need an expert to do it.
  • Includes a hose that will help you go further than normal.
  • It rotates on its own axis in 360º
  • Ceramic, silicon and laminar materials, featuring Grohe's patented SpeedClean technology
  • Chrome color makes it look modern.


  • Make sure that the dimensions of the tap fit with the spaces of the sink.
  • Pay attention to minimize the splash.

#2 Best Water-Saving - KOHLER K-596-VS

This tap is beautiful, made with quality materials, and is multifunctional. This Kohler faucet has a long, tall spout that allows any pot to be filled with ease. The tip of the faucet detaches guided by a hose to make the faucet reach all places in your kitchen toilet area.


KOHLER K-596-VS Simplice Vibrant Stainless Kitchen Faucet

Kohler presents an innovative work from the effortless turn of the handle to the gentle arc of a spout.

The spray head has different pressure forms, which you will use according to your needs. This is an elegant and modern tap and is the dream of any person for their kitchen.


  • This tap is multi-function.
  • The product is made with excellent quality materials that ensures the durability of the tap
  • Extendable pull-down spray head.
  • Builders' choice for new construction kitchens


  • Installation is better performed by a professional.
  • The removable hose is somewhat short.

#3 Best Commercial Style - KRAUS Arctec Pro

Artec Pro delivers the versatility of industrial kitchens to your home. It is one of the newest and most innovative products Kraus has engineered. It contains two faucets just in one unit. Open-coil spray head allows you direct water where you need, conveniently even in the largest kitchen sinks. Powerful sprayer blasts away stubborn food stains easily.

Professional Pick

Kraus Artec Pro 2-Function Commercial Style Pre-Rinse Pull-Down Spring Spout Kitchen Faucet with Pot Filler, 24.75 Inch

Introducing Kraft's latest shining star. Professional performance and remarkable functional quality comes to the busiest kitchens.

The pot filler is the primary water source when you turn the faucet on. You can also change it to the spray feature above by squeezing the spray head to engage it.

When it comes to dimension, Artec Pro has 24 3/4 inches faucet height, 6 5/8" aerator clearance, 7 1/8" sprayer reach and 7 5/8" spout reach, which will satisfy any size and style of kitchen sink.


  • Both of the spouts features 360º rotation.
  • Powerful spray to supply a reasonable pressure.
  • Corrosion resistant finishes
  • Innovative dual spout system
  • Resists fingerprints and water spots


  • Hose doesn't pull down, but coiled spring is to bend down well as you pull the faucet head. 
  • You have to hold the sprayer during use.

#4 Best Cheap - GIMILI Bar Sink Faucet

This one has a bar sink style, and it's one of the top-selling kitchen taps online with its reliable quality and affordable price. The GIMILI Bar Sink kitchen faucet is simply operational; it has a 8.5 inch long and high body that will help clean the kitchen easier.

Budget Pick

Gimili Brush Nickle Modern Bar Faucet for Kitchen Sink

Gimili Bar sink faucet will bring a modern look, trust and prestige to your kitchen as well as it's great price.

The spout rotates 360º and helps you save a large amount of water each time it is used. It is elegant and modern. This tap is quite inexpensive. Please keep in mind that it's suitable for installation only in a bar sink.


  • Simple to install.
  • The spout rotates 360º
  • Great performance and look besides its low cost
  • No leaks


  • Spray doesn't come off
  • Drain is not included

#5 Best High-End - HANSGROHE Focus Pull-down Faucet

A kitchen faucet must be, above all, functional without losing its aesthetic line. Hansgrohe knows this and offers the market the 'Hansgrohe Focus Faucet', made of stainless steel, with an elegant and very practical design.
Practical because its head is removable, offering up to an additional 15 inches of comfortable reach. The spout is rotatable, ability to 110º and 150º of movement makes it available for use in double sinks.

The removable shower comes with a high-quality flexible hose. You can also control the type of jet you need on the removable head. The tap is single-handled, with a ceramic cartridge, non-return valve, and aerator integrated into the unit.

Luxurious Pick

Hansgrohe Focus Premium with Quick Clean Magnetic Docking Spray Head 1-Handle 16-inch Tall Pull Down Sprayer Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet

If you have interest in any of DIY projects for home, installation of this Hansgrohe faucet will be a piece of cake.

Its height is appropriately engineered to give the user enough space for cleaning in the sink. A great advantage with this model is that it comes in two size options depending on the styles named as prep and higharc. You'll also have the availability to select a full swivel spout or a fixed spout according to which accurately fit your sink and countertop.


  • Manufactured in stainless steel, great durability.
  • Simple and functional design.
  • Perfect matte finish for almost any type of kitchen.
  • Removable, flexible hose head with a reach of 15 inches.
  • Ceramic cartridge and integrated aerator.


  • Costs over an average

#6 Best Tint - DELTA Leland Kitchen Faucet

DELTA has a great reputation for long lasting faucets as a result of their patented DIAMOND Seal Technology. It is available in 3 variations of style: Standart, Touch2O and VoiceIQ. Don't forget to take a look at touch on and voice-enabled variants if you are a smart home enthusiast. Here, we are actually interested in the capabilities of hard water resistance, so we keep it simple and go further with the standart version. Delta Leland comes with 4 color options but we're very attached to the arctic finish that brings a bluer tint.

Boutique Pick

Delta Leland Single-Handle Arctic Stainless Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Magnetic Docking Spray Head

Arctic stainless color offers a stylish ocean look. Delta introduces a faucet that is as beautiful as it is durable.

Magtenic docking, which is called 'MagnaTite Docking' by the brand, is a leak-proof technique that forcefully pulls the spray head on the spout. This approach guarantees the spray head not to hang as in the early days of pull-down faucets. The unit also offers 8 inch single-hole or 3-hole (optional deck plate included) easy installation, including all the necessary parts in the box.


  • Long life-time, nearly two times the average.
  • Powerful spray to supply a reasonable pressure.
  • Perfect bluer finish suitable for many kitchens.
  • Customer service mails the parts if you need to replace any for free.
  • New spray technology ensures %90 less splatter. 


  • Retainer for the extension hose is made of plastic.
  • The reach of the hose can stay short, if your sink is quite large, so hold to your sinks dimensions.

How to Choose a Kitchen Faucet?

When you try to buy a kitchen faucet you will find a number of models. Choosing one can become a difficult task. Therefore, to help you in your choice, we tell you what are the main characteristics that you should look at.


Before choosing a kitchen tap, it is necessary to previously take the measurements of your sink and thus make sure that the dimensions of the tap are ideal for use in your kitchen.

It is important that the tap has the correct measurements, especially with regard to the height of the spout. If your sink is very small, it is best to choose a kitchen tap that does not have a very high spout. If not, when you use it, the water will splash a lot on the worktop.

On the other hand, if your sink is of considerable size, not only a tall tap is recommended, but also one that is removable so that you can clean it more comfortably. You should also bear in mind that, if the tap spout is very low, it may be a bit difficult for you to wash the larger dishes or pots.


For a kitchen faucet to adapt to the aesthetics of your kitchen, another important aspect that you should pay attention to is its style and design. Both the size and the composition and shape of the tap are influential characteristics if you want to select one that fits perfectly in your kitchen.

It is important that you strike a balance between design and functionality, since kitchen faucets are not only very useful, but they can also stand out, which will make your kitchen look elegant. In addition, you should know that there are designs that turn out to be more practical than others, such as removable models that offer a lot of ease when washing.

There are quality brands such as Roca taps, which in addition to offering all kinds of designs and models, have very elegant finishes in chrome or bronze and even white taps that can make your kitchen stand out and provide incomparable luxury.


When talking about the type of kitchen faucet, reference is made to one of the most important parts in a faucet, which is the type of control. Two types are known: single-handle and two-handle or monoblock.

The choice of one or the other will depend on your particular preferences. The kitchen mixer tap is able to regulate both the flow and the temperature according to your preference using just a single tap. These achieve one function or another depending on the position in which you place them. They are more modern devices and of small sizes.

The two-handle kitchen taps are the most classic and traditional models. They are made up of two individual controls, one to regulate the flow of hot water and the other to regulate the flow of cold water. These are less practical than the single-lever ones, but their cost is lower.


The most exclusive models of kitchen taps, in addition to having very elegant designs, have additional features or components that increase their functionality.

Some of them can be thermostatic taps , with which you can regulate the temperature according to your preferences and needs. Another very useful function included in the most modern taps is the water purification systems. These taps are also called double-way taps or osmosis taps, and they significantly improve water quality without the need for any additional devices.

For the most luxurious and extravagant faucets you can get models that include LED lights to color the water. This can be very useful, since it can be used as a safety measure because the color indicated on the tap is associated with the temperature of the water, alerting when it is too hot.


Hard water is the water that contains a lot of calcium and magnesium. The hardness of water varies by area. If the soil in a certain area contains a lot of calcium and magnesium, you will also find this in the groundwater. This is not bad for your health. Calcium is good for your bones, among other things. The taste is also fine. It is true that hard water does cause more calcium deposits. You notice this at home, for example in the bathroom or in appliances such as the kettle. And most people are less happy about that. Because hardness as lime may coat your pipes, clothes, glasses and even your body when you're taking a shower. Leave the appearance aside, the issue begins when tools like pipes, faucets, drains get clogged by  overdose minerals in hard water.

We have tried to unpack the most sturdy options resistant to hard water in the market. But after all, you should also consider your countertop and sink style, also your specific expectations, which may be a touch-on, touchless or even commercial-like semi professional one.

If you are still suffering from hard water and your kitchen tap is running hardly with low water pressure, it may be due to deposits built up within your faucet. We strongly recommend you change out the diverter easily just in a few steps, before going for the replacement of the faucet completely. One final tip; a pair of needle nose pliers will be very helpful pulling out the old diverter and inserting a new one.

We wish you a soft day!

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