Best Air Fryer Ovens with Rotisserie and Racks

The days of cooking meat on a spit are gone. These appliances rotate food to give you evenly cooked, tender meals in less time than traditional ovens or stovetops!

Updated July 12, 2023

You probably already know that air fryers are one of the best ways to cook food. They can make almost anything taste delicious, from French fries to fried chicken. But you might not have heard about all the extra features that some air fryers come with. At first, these features just seem like nice-to-haves, but when you start using them and see how easy they make your life, you'll wonder why anyone would ever choose a regular air fryer again!

Air fryers with rotisserie combine rotary spits that cook multiple pieces of meat at once with rotating trays on which the food cooks. The result is that you can cook a whole chicken or turkey without having to turn it over, which would take hours. It's also much easier to get even browning on both sides of each piece of meat—and you won't have to worry about any uncooked parts! 

We're going to take a look at seven of the most popular options out there so you can see what we mean.

Our 7 Favourite Picks

#1 Best Overall - GoWISE USA GW44803 Ultra 12.7-Quarts Electric Air Fryer Oven with Rotisserie and Dehydrator

This GoWISE air fryer oven offers many additional features and accessories, including rotisserie skewers for kebabs and the capability to use it as an air fryer. This model has a convection oven, pushbutton controls on the front panel for easy use, a temperature range of 120-430 °F to ensure all your food is cooked properly, a digital display that shows timer or temp settings as well as an LED light indicator when preheating finishes. Hence, you know it's time to cook! It also includes convection bake, which allows heat from both sides; defrost mode if your meat comes frozen before cooking; fries function lets you set frying times up to 30 minutes at 390° F, useful if using oil instead of fat-free spray, so there are no chemicals.


Cook different meals with as many accessories as you like, all in the box.

Things we love:

  • Cylindrical rotisserie basket eliminates hot spots and produces evenly cooked ingredients.
  • Comes with a pushbutton control for easy use
  • Up to 430 °F adjustable heat in 10-degree increments.
  • Sixteen preset programs for different types of air-frying
  • Digital display for timer and an LED light indicator when operation finishes.
  • One year warranty with lifetime customer support
  • Stylish design in two colors

What to keep in mind:

  • It is a little more expensive than other air fryers on the market, but it is worth considering all the extras included.
  • The rotisserie basket should be loosely filled to maximize the tumbling effect, but not too much in order to allow toppling.

Final Verdict

The GoWISE Air Fryer is one of the best air fryers on the market. It is large enough to hold an entire family's worth of food (big enough to cook a rotisserie chicken about 3~5lbs), and it still doesn't take up a lot of counter space. The 3 slots make it easy to cook all different sizes and types of food without messing with different racks. The rotisserie is also impressive as you can roast whole chickens or even kabobs! It makes it so easy to get crispy meats, perfectly blackened fish, and expertly roasted vegetables.

This air fryer includes everything you need for cooking meals from scratch at home - rotisserie rod, oven rack, drip pan, skewer rotisserie, rotisserie cage. Although the price may not seem very advantageous than most products or at the same level, high amounts will be reached if the tools sent with it are purchased one by one.

The dehydrator is also decent when you want to make your own low-carb snacks and when you want to dry a lot of meat at one time. It can further be helpful in recipes like jerky, where you might need something to suck up all the liquid. The dehydration setting makes dehydrating fruits easier by running cycles twice if necessary, giving perfect dried fruit instead of dry it for hours.

#2 Best Size - Instant Vortex Pro 10 Quart Capacity 9-in-1 Air Fryer Oven

Instant Vortex air fryer is a product that has the focuses primarily on health and portability. The air fryer oven's design is such that it provides a healthy cooking style. The growth of bacteria in foods cooked with heavy oil turns it into an unhealthy state. Consuming high-fat foods harms many organs, especially the liver. In line with this idea, the air fryer's oil-free cooking was emphasized, which means it can cook food evenly and beautifully. Another main feature of the product, which promises seventy-five percent less oil consumption, is its capacity to cover a large area without taking up too much space in your kitchen.


Through its portability, it is suitable for use in dormitories, hotels and small kitchens.

Things we love:

  • 75% less oil consumption
  • Compact size for the generous capacity of food it offers
  • Variety of attachments that increase its range of use.
  • The product does not have a complex structure and its parts can be easily removed. This means an easy cleaning.
  • Works great to achieve delicious chickens.

What to keep in mind:

  • Rotisserie kit may be too small for those who want to rotisserie whole chickens, or large cuts of meat.
  • The cooking time is a bit longer than usual electric ovens. 

Final Verdict

Instant Vortex Pro Air Fryer Oven is suitable for people looking for an easy and healthy way to cook their food without using oil on it. It's also good if you're into doing rotisseries but don't have space in your kitchen because this oven doesn't take up much counter space at all! The disadvantage with this product, though, would be that its rotisserie kit can only accommodate smaller birds or larger pieces of meat like pork chops as opposed to entire chicken, which might not be enough for some.

In short, this air fryer oven has every feature you would want from electric cookware. It's also reasonably priced, making it perfect for those who wish for healthier cooking but have small kitchens or budgets. There are many other benefits like 75% less oil consumption, so We recommend this product! The Instant Vortex Air Fryer might be the perfect alternative if you somewhat didn't like our top pick GoWise.

#3 Best Capacity - COSORI CO130-AO 32 Qt. Air Fryer Toaster Combo with Rotisserie & Dehydrator

This air fryer is perfect for cooking just about anything. With 11 different presets, this appliance has you covered whether you're looking to cook toast, pizza, or even a 13-inch pizza. It also includes an easy-to-clean nonstick interior and removable crumb tray. This appliance features a temperature range that goes from 80° to 450°F/27° to 232°C with time settings ranging from 0-24 hours. This air fryer also features a rotisserie skewer which chefs can use for cooking chickens or roasts. The COSORI CO 130-AO Toaster also has a new feature called the "Air Fry" function, which turns your toaster oven into an air fryer.

The rotisserie is perfect for cooking chicken or roasts in addition to boiling corn on the cob, making beef jerky, and even fermenting vegetables (the process of incorporating saltwater and waiting time will make pickles). I've also had the chance to use the rotisserie skewer for cooking a chicken and a roast in it. Absolutely delicious! And again, I love the crispy finish I get from food cooked in here instead of the limpness I usually see with microwaves or stovetops. It's better flavor and texture all around - that is how you win at life.


Perfect for those who want to cook large quantities of food in one go or have a family that loves fried foods.

This air fryer is great for cooking different types of food quickly, safely, and in a way that tastes just as good if not better than traditional methods. The best part, it's so much easier on my stovetop! It gives me convection oven results without needing the huge space an oven would take up, and best yet? I can cook freezer meals in this thing quickly too. And fries or tater tots are no issue either - clean-up is also a breeze thanks to nonstick interior surfaces and removable crumb tray! Plus, there's a recipe book included, and it's pretty easy to use.

Things we love:

  • Largest capacity for any high-attended family crowd.
  • Nonstick interior surface for easy cleaning.
  • Rotisserie skewer included, and it can reach even the bottom of some larger foods.
  • The light located inside makes cooking certain dishes easy at night or in a dark kitchen.
  • It ensures delicious crispy fries and evenly cooked chicken and meat! Great for a light and quick weeknight dinner.

What to keep in mind:

  • It is a little on the pricey side, but it's worth every penny.
  • You need some additional care not to let grease splat and drip untill you get experienced using rotating rotisserie.

Final Verdict

It's got the largest capacity on our review list, but it doesn't take too much space in the kitchen. It cooks quickly without taking forever like other ovens I have tried before. And We love how crispy food comes out of this fryer, better than microwaves and more flavorful than cooking on the stovetop or oven!

With its easy-to-clean nonstick interior, removable crumb tray, LED screen with dial controls as well as recipe book included inside, this appliance ensures that you have everything you need when it comes to preparing food without needing any extra tools outside of what's already available within the machine.

#4 Best Oven - Emeril Lagasse Power AirFryer 360, 16 Qt.

The next air fryer that we'll review is the Emeril Lagasse Power AirFryer 360. The air fryer comes, of course, with a rotisserie, five heating elements, and 12 preset smart programs for many different cooking options such as pizza or slow cook. You can also customize your toasting of bread by choosing how light or dark you want it cut. This air fryer has a stainless steel countertop oven which allows you to cook at any time of day without needing an outlet, thanks to its memory feature!

It features low-calorie cooking up to 70% less than traditional frying because the air fryers use hot air instead of oil for better results but still retains all the flavor from buttery fried food like fries, onion rings, and chicken tenders. The air fryer also has a large capacity of 930 cubic inches (16 Quarts), so we think it fits well for a family of 2.

Also Great

Great for cooking anything from muffins to your favorite baked goods!

Things we love:

  • Robust construction does not break easily.
  • Compact design helps conserve space in any kitchen.
  • Oven's chicken performance is striking.
  • Easy to clean after cooking with removable trays and basket.
  • The stainless steel finish is easy to clean and looks good in any kitchen setting.
  • Easy one-touch cooking settings.

What to keep in mind:

  • Lid may not seal tightly.
  • Less number of accessories in the package.

Final Verdict

The Emeril Lagasse Power AirFryer 360 has many great features such as grill, skewers, preset cooking settings or advanced options for more serious cooks, and stainless steel finish which we all think makes this air fryer worth the purchase!

Even it's the same for most of the air fryer ovens; rotisserie is limited to one piece of meat at a time, which can be inconvenient for those with large families.

#5 Best Door Design - Kalorik 26 Qt. Digital Maxx Air Fryer Oven

This air fryer is sleek and stylish with its metallic gray body. With the two-hinged system, this product looks great on countertops as well as in use. It features a large digital timer that manages cooking time, making it fast to cook food into crunchy perfection. The three-tier shelving design allows for different types of food to be cooked at the same time so you can enjoy delicious meals together.

The Kalorik 26 QT Digital Maxx Air Fryer Oven has various functions, including air frying, baking, toasting, and more. The turbo MAXX technology provides accelerated air flow that cooks food 25-30% faster than traditional fryers without any oil or fat. It also features an auto-shut-off function so you can be worry-free when cooking your favorite dishes. With nine accessories included in this package (including an air frying basket), there are many ways to use this oven!


Turbo MAXX technology that speeds up cooking by 25-30% makes this a top air fryer with racks for anyone who's in a hurry and serves to crowded family.

Things we love:

  • French door design prevents spills and scalding of the oven doors.
  • Higher heat level compared to other products.
  • Material quality with stainless steel and glass.
  • Three shelves for a bunch of cooking at the same time.
  • Roomy enough, but the compact design does not require a lot of space on your countertop; it can be stored away easily when not needed.
  • Metallic design will complement any kitchen.
  • Huge capacity makes it perfect to cook for larger families or crowded dinners.

What to keep in mind:

  • The plastic parts that hold the door open are prone to breakage in instances where they are not handled with care. It's okay if you don't use the door too frequently.
  • A little noisy when preheating.
  • Convenient also singles or couples, but you are also to go for a smallar fryer if you are lack of space in the kitchen.

Final Verdict

Kalorik Air Fryer is perfect for anyone who wants to create healthy meals with minimal effort - not only does it reduce fat from fried foods by 75%, but thanks to its French door system, the fryer's door is split into two sections - one on the left and another on the right. The design is utilized often because it does not use any wasted space at the back like other side-by-side or removable-pan models usually do. French doors also prevent scalding on both doors, so your kitchen stays clean, as well as preventing dripping from spilling into an open oven.

#6 Best for Chicken - Innsky Air Fryer, 10.6-Quarts Rotisserie Oven

This is one of the bestsellers in the category of rotisserie air fryer ovens. It is a multipurpose oven that can be used as an air fryer, convection oven, and rotisserie. The product has a transparent glass window for easy monitoring of cooking progress. It comes with two rack levels so you can cook food of different sizes at once.

It also features a detachable design for easier cleaning operations; a beautiful brushed stainless steel exterior combined with durable plastic materials gives this cooker an elegant look, while BPA-free plastic ensures a healthy cooking environment. The unique tumbling motion means every side of the food being cooked gets hit by heat, providing more uniform and better taste than traditional baking or roasting methods. The product also comes with a rotisserie basket for roasting meat, fish, or vegetables.

Rotating Basket

Innsky Air Fryer, with its useful space, one of the most versatile kitchen appliance today!

Things we love:

  • Production quality is sufficient, and all cooking functions are working.
  • 10.6-qt capacity that can fit a lot of food.
  • Numerous test videos and images of buyers increase reliability.
  • The rotisserie basket is works great specially for cooking meats like chicken or pork which come out juicy every time.
  • Adjustable temperature range compatible for various recipes.
  • The opportunity to cook in large portions by offering a large interior volume.
  • 2 rack levels, so it's easy to produce more wings/pizza at once.
  • Comes with a cookbook of recipes that innovator cooks will probobly love.

What to keep in mind:

  • The instructions that came with the cookbook are not clear. Recipes use measurements like teaspoons, ml, and cups that are different from what we do here.
  • Design of the air fryer internal space is could be more convenient. It can cook 4-5 pieces of chicken at a time.

Final Verdict

This air fryer can do double duty - frying french fries while using the lower layer for rotisserie chicken or other dishes with a cooking pan on top. The see-through window is a game changer for monitoring food through the entire cooking process. Upgrading to an Innsky Air Fryer would be a good idea if you are looking for a new air fryer with larger capacity and more features than before. It's super easy to clean too because of its double layer design, meaning you only need to wash out one pot instead of two pans when it comes time to clean up after dinner!

#7 Best Budget - Chefman 6.3 Quart Digital Air Fryer + Rotisserie, Dehydrator

Chefman is a well-known kitchen appliance brand that manufactures quality home appliances. The Chefman digital rotisserie oven comes with lots of features and preset temperature options to suit the needs for cooking different types of food, including steak, chicken, fish, french fries, or shrimp. UL/ETL standards have approved this product, which means it meets all North America and Europe safety requirements!

When it comes to design, the black exterior is smooth to the touch, making it easy to clean with just soap and water without having to worry about any icky residue sticking on your fingers or hands! The external surface is also cool to touch, which means even little kids can use it without getting burned when touching them while preparing their meal.

It includes a non-stick surface which will help keep this product looking new even after many uses. It also comes with two trays to have one side cooking while the other side cools off from previous food preparation. Accessories follow rotisserie spit and forks, rotating basket for baking or roasting, and a drip tray, all of which are also dishwasher safe.

Best Small

An excellent and budget-friendly option for those who are looking to purchase a quality air fryer that also includes the ability to rotisserie in one convenient package.

An air fryer's success in cooking food is determined by the amount of power and the maximum temperature it can reach. The Chefman digital air fryer range of power is 1700 Watts and has a maximum temperature that ranges from 160°F to 400°F. This would work well for cooking most foods.

The Chefman air fryer oven has an auto shut-off function that will turn the machine off automatically after it reaches a certain time limit. This feature enables you to leave your food cooking without worrying about getting burnt or overcooked.

Final Verdict

Chefman functions as an air fryer, rotisserie oven, and dehydrator, perfect for nearly any cooking task. You can make fries that are just as crispy and tasty, roast a whole chicken, or dehydrate that leftover pineapple or strawberry you've meant to eat.

This appliance is featured as an XL family size, but according to us, it is the better fit in size for a single person or a couple, when compared with the other products on the list. It's not too big, and it's not too small. The air fryer's capacity is a little over six quarts which is enough cooking for yourself or a family of 2.

Buying Guide for the Best Air Fryer with Racks and Rotisserie

When determining the right one, it is important to keep several things in mind. Here are some factors to consider while making a decision to our recommended product list:

Capacity and Size

You'll want to ensure that the oven is large enough to accommodate the amount of food you typically cook. Consider the size of the appliance in relation to the available counter space in your kitchen. If you have a larger family or frequently entertain guests, you may want to opt for a model with a larger capacity, allowing you to cook more food at once.


The number and size of racks in an air fryer can affect its versatility. More racks allow you to cook multiple dishes at the same time, maximizing efficiency. Additionally, adjustable or removable racks provide flexibility in accommodating different-sized foods, such as whole chickens or larger cuts of meat. Having the option to customize the rack configuration can be useful when cooking different dishes simultaneously.

Rotisserie Feature

If you enjoy the succulent taste of rotisserie-style cooking, selecting an air fryer with a built-in rotisserie feature is essential. The rotisserie function allows you to cook meats evenly, ensuring they are moist and flavorful. Make sure to check if the oven includes a rotisserie spit and forks, as well as its weight capacity for rotisserie cooking. This feature can be a game-changer in expanding your culinary options.

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning an air fryer oven can be a chore, so finding a model that is easy to clean is important. Look for ovens with removable and dishwasher-safe parts to simplify the cleaning process. Non-stick coatings on the oven's interior also contribute to easy cleaning, as food particles are less likely to stick. Checking user reviews can provide valuable insights into how easy or difficult an air fryer oven is to clean on a day-to-day basis.


The price range for air fryer ovens with racks and rotisserie varies. Set a budget and consider the features and capabilities you need versus what you're willing to spend. Remember, investing in a higher-quality oven may provide better performance and longevity, but there are also budget-friendly options available that can still fulfill your cooking needs. Consider reading user reviews to ensure that the price aligns with the overall performance and durability of the product.


You will realize health benefits and enjoy the delicious taste as you increase your use of the air fryer. Air fryers use less oil, so you'll be saving money on groceries too! This means fewer calories, less fat intake from oils, and no risk for accidental splattering.

We conducted a research by reviewing the 7 best air fryers that we could find on the market. All seven air fryers either have a rotisserie function, dehydrator, or shelves for cooking in different styles and portions.

The GoWISE USA Deluxe Air Fryer is our top pick and an excellent choice for anyone looking to take their air frying experience up a notch or two with the rotisserie function and preset programs. We've found this product to be durable as well, so it will last through years of regular use without breaking down like some of these lower-quality fryers on the market today. With all the extras included at such a reasonable price point, we think this electric air fryer is a great value.

What do you think about the air fryers with dehydrator and rotisserie? We hope you enjoyed our guide to air fryer rotisseries. We will be back with more information on other helpful kitchen appliances.

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