Best Philips Air Fryers: Smart and Analog

There is not another airfryer with the starfish on the bottom of the pan. This is what seperates Philips.

Updated September 14, 2021

Finding the best air fryer for your home isn't as easy as it seems because there are so many different models and prices. That is why we have compiled a top list with the best Philips Air Fryers of the moment for you. All the pros and cons are listed for each of the product, making it easier for you to find an air fryer that suits you best!

If you wish the article to get to the point without further ado, your expectation is welcome. Let's cut a long story short. With the table below, you can quickly compare the differences in our top Philips Air Fryers that we rate by following crucial industry standards. All of them are using Philips' patented air circulation technology, offering you multi-cooking options to toast, bake, reheat, even grill as well as frying. In the end, you'll have the advantage of a versatile and oil-free cooking experience with just one device on the countertop. Though you'd be a fast decision-maker, we invite you to read all the details that you will meet just a few scrolls away.

A Quick Glance at our Favorites






Philips HD9650

XXL Airfryer

  • Largest capacity of 4 Quarts (3 lbs)
  • Special %90 fat removal technology
  • 5 programmable menus


Philips HD9741 Airfryer

  • Smallest base size
  • Keep warm feature
  • New TurboStar heating technology 
  • 2.75 Quarts (1.8 lbs)


Philips HD9220

Analog Airfryer

  • Starfish-like design
  • %75 less fat
  • 1.8 lbs

Philips HD9721

XL Airfryer

  • Twin TurboStar technology
  • Stylish white design
  • 1.8 lbs of capacity

Philips HD9230

XL Airfryer

  • Recipe book
  • Includes double layer rack accessory
  • 3 Quarts (1.8 lbs)

Short brief about Philips

Philips, the inventor of the Air Fryer, is one of the largest technology companies in the world. The company was founded in 1891 in the Netherlands. It is always innovating with top-quality products, which are useful to improve and facilitate people's lives around the world. Its quality does not exclude its fryers, with which you will feel that it meets your needs completely.

Whether you are an experienced electronic device user or a newbie, for sure, you’ve crossed paths with Philips. I remember the feeling, how exciting it was when I had my first Philips discman, carried it like a cell phone, or maybe like a must-have when going out. In the long run, now the brand introduces us to the dominating kitchen appliance, Philips Air Fryers!

How does a Philips Air Fryer work?

A Philips Air Fryer uses its patented Rapid Air technique. What is so unique about this? Philips is the only manufacturer to have a fryer with a wavy bottom in the shape of a starfish. Due to this unique shape in the bottom of the deep fryer, the hot air is optimally distributed in the pan. This means that your food gets heated from the top and bottom.

Philips research has shown that a star-shaped bottom ensures that swirling hot air has the best effect on the cooking of the food compared to other shapes in the bottom or even a flat bottom.

Philips Patented Starfish Design

What does Rapid Air, TurboStar and Twin TurboStar mean?

The Rapid Air technology is the technique that Philips uses for air circulation in the air fryer. This technology is included in all Philips Air Fryers.

The TurboStar is the star-shaped inner pan that ensures optimal air circulation and provides more evenly cooking results. The "Twin TurboStar" means that there is an extra removable layer on the bottom of the fryer to keep extra fat on the bottom of the pan. Fat reducer captures the excess oil and keeps it ready for immediate disposal.

Our Top 5 Picks

#1 Top Pick, Best Capacity - Philips XXL Twin Turbo Star

Our top pick is an improvement on its predecessors in most respects.  It has the largest capacity in the brand with 3lb/4qt (suitable for cooking for 5 people). A whole chicken can fit inside, to be more precise. Thanks to its Twin TurboStar technology, you can cook crispy French fries with 90% less fat. Excess fat is almost completely removed. As well as its capacity leadership, we are amazed by the highest success ratio of fat removal.

Best Overall

Philips HD9650/96 Digital Twin TurboStar Black Airfryer XXL, with Fat Removal Technology, 3 Lbs

Crispy as deep-fried but 90% less fat. Best oil removal performance ever seen. Dreams come true, eat delicious and worry free while enjoying good health!

The baking results are top and the machine looks nice. In addition, many useful accessories are available.

Build and Appearance

The top is completely flat with a nice matte finish, and the machine stands nice and tight on the counter with its rubber feet. The extendable pan fits neatly, and the mechanism to extend the pan works smoothly and solidly.

The Airfryer XXL does not rattle and nothing creaks. It really feels like a sturdy airfryer. And that's what he looks like. As mentioned, it is more of a refined evolution of its predecessor. The round shape of the airfryer itself is interspersed with clean lines that are reflected in the handle, pan and top. The symmetrical looking digital display shines brightly and the analog dial feels solid and has a nice metal accent.

The back shows a grid panel. This is the fan of the airfryer where the warm air is blown out. The grille has horizontal fins that point diagonally upwards. This is a big advantage because the air blows upwards and you can extract it with your cooker hood. Some airfryers flows the air straight back, but this can result in condensation forming on your wall.

Built-in Cord Storage

What is nice is the possibility to store the cord (of 32 inches length) in the storage spot. This area is located behind of the Philips Airfryer XXL. All you have to do is roll up the cord and store it in the spot. Storage is fairly easy and ensures that your cable does not hang loose next to your airfryer.

The Pan and the Frying Basket

In the inside of the airfryer, we find a removable pan and the frying basket. The basket has a capacity of 4 Quarts and a maximum load capacity of 3 lbs. So you can easily prepare a bag of fries in the Airfryer XXL.

You can easily remove the pan and basket from the airfryer by opening the drawer and taking the parts off the holder. Make sure that the airfryer is completely on a flat surface. Because when the drawer is pulled out, the airfryer can tilt forward differently. So make sure that you do not place your airfryer over the edge of your counter or a cutting board.

The removable pan has a star-shaped base. This is the patented StarFish that Philips is known for. Due to this special shape in the bottom, the hot air circulates constant and evenly in the pan, which results in fast and crispy results, as if deep-fried.


  • Up to 90% less fat compared to everyday cooking.
  • Sturdy, well secured, nothing rattles.
  • Preheat is not necessary.
  • Mesh and frying basket are seperated and removable.
  • Double layer pan prevents smoke and oil splash.
  • 2225 Watts engine power speeds up cooking time.


  • Takes more time for cleaning, because of the number of internal parts.
  • Not very easy for everyone to lift with its 18 pounds of weight.

#2 Runner-Up - Philips Premium Turbo Star

Over here, we have another model of hot air fryers from the Philips brand same capacity vs HD9220, but smaller base, which we will meet in a while as the budget pick. This all-in-one airfryer comes with everything you need to prepare your favorite snack, including a free recipe book.


Philips HD9741/96 Airfryer, Premium Turbo Star, Digital, Black 

Newer Patented TurboStar heated air circulation technology results equally fried food, no rotating necessary.

Using the Philips Airfryer Turbostar HD9741, you can bake up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit in a healthy way. In the box, the fryer includes a tray that has a capacity of 1.8 lbs, which turns into approximate servings for 2 or 3 people. Say goodbye to those unpleasant oil smell and strange flavors, everything will be 100% impeccable.

Operating the airfryer is fairly easy thanks to the rotary dial on the top of the device. A digital screen tells you everything you want to know about the food you are currently frying, or which setting you have chosen. There are five preset programs, which you can use for most popular snacks, plus a automatic heat function that you can use to keep your food nice and warm while you prepare other dishes.


  • %20 smaller footprint than HD9220
  • All parts are removable and dishwasher safe.
  • It is not necessary to turn the food halfway through cooking
  • In addition to frying, it allows roasting, baking, and cooking; ability to prepare all kinds of dishes.


  • Not recommended for families of more than three members, except when only used it for snacks or potatoes.
  • No automatic shutdown, so cooking safety needs extra care.

#3 Best Budget - Philips Viva Analog Air Fryer

Philips Airfryer HD9220 will allow you to fully exploit its features, being more than an air fryer for the money. You can toast, bake, and even roast your favorite dishes without using too much oil. The Philips Viva Airfryer (HD9220) is the first Airfryer released by Philips and still a very reliable model. In addition to its long market life time, it's one of the most populer fryer in the brand. You have conventional two knobs to adjust temperature on top and time in front. How easy you go there, so cooking starts!

Best Cheap

Philips HD9220/29 Analog Airfryer, Viva Collection Fry Healthy with 75% Less Fat, 1.8lb/2.75qt Black

Philips's apple of the eye. Oldie but a goldie. It's thriving nearly for 10 years in the market.

All thanks to its incredible Rapid Air technology, which circulates hot air around the cooking basket, food keeps warm without losing any nutrient value.

Its powerful 1450 watts of power comes from its adjustable thermostat that reaches up to 390 °F, and its integrated timer, with an alarm function when the desired time reaches, you will end up with perfect results. Just simply cooking done!

The drawer and the rack are removable so that you can wash them in the dishwasher without worry. The box also comes with a recipe book with which you will get the most potential.


  • 10 years in the market and still on sale. 
  • Reliable with millions of active users.
  • Removable and dishwasher safe.
  • In addition to frying, it allows roasting, baking, and cooking; ability to prepare all kinds of dishes.


  • Temperature is difficult to set explicitly because of analog dial.
  • Occupies more space then expected.

If you're in search of additional low-cost options, have a look at our article on the Best Air Fryers Under $100. It might help you make a decision.

#4 Icy White Look - Philips Premium Turbostar

This Philips Premium airfryer functions a time control option up to 30 minutes. Its engine is able to use a power of 1500 Watt. The TurboStar system ensures that there is a constant hot air flow from several sides along the food, thus cooking is done in the best possible way. You can prepare different dishes in the airfryer by flavoring (or marinating) the ingredients with your favorite herbs and one tablespoon of oil at most or even a few sprays. 

For White Lovers

Philips Premium TurboStar 1.8lb/2.75qt Airfryer - HD9721/06 (Latest Model since 2020) (Analog White)

Though the color of an appliance doesn't influence the quality of cooking inherently, this white design contains flashing lights to it.

The airfryer has a basket inside where you can place the ingredients, and a container underneath. This ensures that all excess oil and fat from the food is collected in the container. So you're left with delicious crunchy food, and the fat hasn't had a chance to soak in. So this is the perfect solution to eat healthier but still delicious. You can not only simulate fried dishes in this airfryer, the device is also suitable for baking, roasting, and grilling. This airfryer is compact and has enough capacity to bake four portions of fries (1.8 lbs). We've also tested and seen how cool it is to make delicious pork chops only in 15 minutes. 

The QuickClean basket has a non-stick coating and a removable grid. These are both easy to wash in soapy water, but also dishwasher safe. This of course saves a lot of work, because the grid can sometimes stick to a bit, as it would also happen if you fry in a normal deep fryer. You can easily wipe the device itself with a damp cleaning cloth, and then it's ready again.

If you are into black colored models, don't forget you also have that option.

#5 Best Digital Essential - Philips HD9230 Digital Air Fryer

Our latest one is very similar to the Philips HD9220 Airfryer in most respects but differs with its digital features. Philips HD9230 contains a digital screen whereas the previous HD9220 is driven by its analog dial.

Simply Digital

Philips HD9230/26 The Original Digital Airfryer Black

You'll have the common familiar experience full of essential perfect features, plus it's all digital.

This Philips airfryer blends digital approach with authentic Philips design. We've to keep in mind that digital panel is just the pathway to give commands for how hot and how long you'd like it to cook. Just in case, here is a similar context, which we think adds value. Think of it like a car. Whether you turn the key or push the button on the remote to open the doors of the car, eventually you get in the car. As long as you are in, the rest is the same, engine boosts the car. That applies to these airfryers as well. Whether you tap on the screen or turn the dial, thanks to the Philips air technology, the cooking process goes exactly the same. So, it's your way how you'd like to interact with the appliance. Frankly speaking, analog setups can even be more practical to use in terms of a kitchen appliance.

Types of  Philips Air Fryer Collections

Daily Collection

This is the beginner and budget version of the airfryer. This includes somewhat older models with an attractive price tag. The airfryer is also known as "Philips Airfryer Compact", because it often relates to smaller models with a capacity of 1.8 lbs.

Premium Collection 

Similar meaning to the "Avance" airfryer. Since 2020, Philips has started to use the term "Premium" to refer to the high-quality models. This means that the term "Avance" has lapsed and is no longer used to refer to Philips Airfryers.

Avance Collection 

A higher segment airfryer that contains the most advanced features. Think of a digital display and various useful extra functions. In addition, these airfryers are powerful, have a high loading capacity, but unfortunately also have the highest price tag. This term has been replaced by "Premium" since 2020.

Essential Collection

Similar meaning to the "Viva" airfryer. This term indicates that the arfryer contains the essential properties. If you want more functions, then you have to look at the "Premium" models. Since 2020, Philips has replaced the term "Viva" with the new term "Essentia".

Viva Collection

These are more simple versions of the airfryer. For example, a Viva collection can have an analog control or a smaller content. This term has been replaced by "Essential" since 2020.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Philips Air Fryer

What does a good airfryer meet and which points can you pay attention to when choosing a decent airfryer? Is a Philips Airfryer the best choice for you, or does a different brand of hot air fryer suit your needs better? Which airfryer is the best choice for you depends on what is important to you, what you would like to prepare and what your budget affords.

We go through a number of points of interest together in this Airfryer Buying Guide.

Volume and Capacity

How many people do you air fry for?

The volume and load capacity of an airfryer are one of the most important specs according to us. This indicates how small or how spacious the airfryer is and how many fries, snacks or other products you can airfry at the same time.

What is the effect of volume and load capacity in an Air Fryer?

The volume of an air fryer is expressed in quarts. This number therefore denotes the volume of the deep fryer. A small air fryer has a capacity of about 2 quarts, while an XXL air fryer can have a capacity of up to 5 quarts.

It is not the case that a air fryer with a large capacity also guarantees more fries that you can prepare at the same time. So it only indicates how spacious the frying pan is. What if you want to know how many fries you can air-fry at the same time? Then you have to look at the load capacity.

Actually, the volume of quarts is something that is completely irrelevant for air fryers. That's because this stems from its cousin, namely the traditional deep fryer in which you have to put sunflower or canola oil. The volume in quarts actually tells you how many quarts of oil you would need. But because a hot air fryer does not work with oil, it is actually more marketing talk than a useful specification. As far as concerned, it only indicates the approximate size of the basket, but it does not say anything about the performance of the air fryer.

What is capacity for an Air Fryer?

Air fryers primarily gets value for the maximum load capacity they have. This load capacity is indicated in pounds and this indicates how many pounds of fries you can prepare in the air fryer at the same time, according to the manufacturer.

Unfortunately, we regularly experience that manufacturers specify a higher load capacity in the specifications than you can actually cook. So I would say take the number in pounds with a grain of salt. So make sure you stay below the maximum stated capacity, so that your baking results will be satisfactory.

On average, a bag of fries has a capacity of 1.5 lbs, so that would mean that you can air-fry the entire bag at the same time with the air fryers above.

You want to have your food with a feasible space in your basket or air fryer. Smaller air fryers have too small volume to give your fries or vegetables freedom of movement, for example. This is necessary to achieve good baking results. You also do not want your food to be too stacked so that the hot air cannot do its work well enough, with the result that half of your fries are steamy or undercooked. We therefore advice not to fully fill your frying basket, because baking results can be disappointing. In addition, with an overflowing basket it is also more difficult to shake up your product, such as fries or snacks, in the meantime. So choose an air fryer with a large pan so that your dish has the space to be well crispy and cooked.

Size, Weight and Cord Length


Do you already have a place in mind on your countertop where the airfryer will be placed when you airfry? Before you buy an airfryer, we advise you to take a look in the store for the size or search the specifications of the air fryer for the dimensions.

Size is a real matter of consequence, because not all of us possibly perform in large kitchens and size of kitchen appliances is the key aspect for the space management on the countertop.


Weight is a quite changeable specification among airfryers. Even for airfryers of the same size, the weight can differ enormously. It's seemingly common that Philips makes the heaviest airfryers. The Philips Avance Airfryer XXL, for example, is 17.6 pounds. So that is a bit of effort to pull, since the airfryer is also quite large to hold.

It can be useful if an airfryer has notches for holding it up from the counter, for example. Fortunately, most airfryers have this on a side of the compartment. Unfortunately, Philips has decided not to provide the Philips Airfryer XXL with these notches, while the Philips Airfryer XL does.

Cord Length

Apparently, this is a point that many people don't look at. The length of the cord. And if it is too short, then this is really an annoyance. Because suppose you want to place your airfryer next to your stove, is there an outlet available within a feet? However, most airfryers have a cable length of 3.5 feet or even less.

You can neatly store the cable in the compartment.

Analog vs Digital Operation


The advantage is that analog air fryers are easy to use. You set the time and temperature and that's it. You are therefore not bothered by all kinds of other functionalities such as preset programs, keep warm functions or other settings that can be quite confusing for some people. Very user-friendly and recommended for less tech-savvy people. A disadvantage is that, some could think analogue air fryers look a bit less modern. But in the end It's completely a matter of taste, so there’s no need to make this an anecdotal argument.

We've found it pleasant to set an air fryer by analog buttons. The simplicity, efficiency and speed of setup appeal  the most.

The disadvantage of analog operation is that you cannot set the time and temperature very precisely to the minute or degrees. Your air fryer is always set at about 340 to 400 F and 10 minutes. Is that really bad? No not really. Because you will notice that while preparing your dish you will occasionally look into the pan to see how your dish is doing.


Would you rather be able to set the time and temperature exactly? And would you like an air fryer with multiple functions and options? Then you end up with an air fryer with a digital display. 

You'll interact with digital buttons, or touch keys. You cannot press or turn these buttons tangibly, so it is a bit numb. To us, the disadvantage is that it does not always respond well, especially if you have a little greasy fingers. Especially if, for example, you want to set 60 minutes, or want to increase or decrease the temperature drastically, it is quite annoying to set this with touch buttons.

On a digital air fryer, you can read on the display what the set time and / or temperature is and how long it will take before your dish is ready. Note that some air fryers, such as the Philips Air Fryer XXL, show both the baking time and the temperature on the display at the same time. Most air fryers, including the Philips Air Fryer XL, show the baking time and temperature alternately on the display, so you don't see the values at the same time.


The power of the product is of great importance, and indicated in watts. An air fryer, for example, has the power of 1500, 2000 or 2500 watts. Higher the wattage, more powerful the air fryer is.

The power ensures that the machine can become warm quickly and keep this heat at the set temperature. Unfortunately, there are quite a few air fryers in the market that have a power that is too low comparable to the size of the basket. Many manufacturers of air fryers promise that you can air-fry 4 pounds of fries, while the power is really too low for this. The air fryers are incorrectly called XL or XXL in capacity. So don't be too distracted by the large size of the air fryer, because large does not necessarily mean that the air fryer is also powerful enough.

Philips Air Fryers are usually a lot more powerful than the others, for instance when we we look at the Philips Air Fryer XXL, the power is 2225 watts.

How is it possible that the difference is so great with other air fryers from other brands? This is because of the starfish in the bottom of the pan. Only the Philips uses this unique technology (Rapid Air / Turbo Star) to move part of the hot air from the bottom to the top of the frying basket, although you pile the foods up. This way your dish can be heated on any side at the same time. Your fries will be crispy on the top, bottom and in the middle.

Inner Pan and Basket

Pan on Rails

The pan stands on a kind of telescopic rails. It helps to check on cooking and put your food in and out. You pull the handle towards you and open the air fryer like a drawer. You can let go of the pan completely because both the pan and the frying basket, which hangs in the pan, are supported from below by the rail system. It lets you to easily open and close the pan with one hand, which is very handy when shaking your fries. In addition, you never run the risk of the pan sliding out of the air fryer and falling to the floor.

Removeable Inner Pan

Most air fryers have a fully removable inner pan in which the frying basket is attached. Usually you have to press a safety catch (located on the handle) to disconnect the frying basket from the inner pan. Since the pan is completely removable, it is not supported by rails.

You can scoop your dish from the frying basket without spilling. That's because the basket is attached to the pan. So no crumbs fall on the floor.

Removeable Frying Basket

Some air fryers only have a frying basket. This basket therefore functions directly as an inner pan. In this variant, too, the frying basket is completely removable and is therefore not supported from below by rails.

You only have one part to clean. So you can wash the dishes quicklier. And if you prefer to put it in the dishwasher, then of course it takes up less space in your dishwasher.


An air fryer consists of the machine itself and a frying basket in the box as a standard. This makes an air fryer the ideal alternative to your old traditional deep fryer. Most people buy an air fryer as a replacement for their old fryer. The reason may be that the old one is broken or because there is a intend to eat something healthier.

What you regularly see is that over time people want to go further with the air fryer. They will also like to use the air fryer more as a grill pan, an oven or a wok pan. Soon there will be a need to use other accessories in order to be able to do more than just fry with your air fryer.

For example, you can purchase oven dishes, muffin tins, grill racks, skewers, baking trays, grill pans, pizza kits and many more air fryer accessories to be able to cook very diverse with your air fryer. But it is important to know whether these accessories are actually available for your air fryer. Accessories would not guarantee compatibility with every machine.


Safety also plays an important role when purchasing an air fryer. If you've ever had a splash of boiling oil on you using a traditional deep fryer, you will understand why an air fryer is much safer than a traditional deep fryer. The life-threatening burns that have already been caused by incorrect use of a traditional deep fryer are one more reason to switch to an easier, safer and healthier way to fry your food.

An air fryer is safer than a deep fryer with boiling hot oil especially when there are children around. It does not heat up on the outside, so contact with the appliance is not dangerous. In addition, the basket is in a drawer where direct contact with the basket will not occur quickly. It is recommended to wait 15 minutes before moving, tidying up and cleaning the fryer so that it has cooled down completely.

Even so, to avoid the worst scenario, leave enough space around the air fryer, and certainly at the back near the ventilation grille. The air that comes out of the grid during baking is scalding hot and can melt or burn anything too close to it.

How to Enrich Philips Air Fryer Experience


The big advantage of Philips Air Fryers is the wide range of air fryer accessories with which you can transform the airfryer into a grill pan, a wok pan or an oven. For example, Philips offers grill plates, grill pans, baking trays, baking tins and grill racks. But also cupcake molds, tongs, splash lids and dividers to keep dishes in the basket separate.

So you can always upgrade your Philips Air Fryer with a new air fryer accessory that allows you to make even more different dishes. For example, a grill plate is super handy if you want to stir-fry a nice vegetable mix or if you want to grill a salmon steak. And a baking tin is perfect for stewing a fish dish or making a healthy banana bread.

Food Diversity

At first met, it's slightly understandable that you may be using the air fryer as a replacement for a deep fryer. So for fries, croquettes, chicken and that sort of thing. But soon you will possibly realize that the air fryer can easily replace a frying pan. Seriously, you'd hardly look for a skillet anymore. So almost have all meat and fish go in the air fryer. These can be meatballs, vegetarian meat, bratwurst, chicken legs, whole chicken, steak, chicken satay, roulade, salmon steaks, kibbeling, fish fingers, cod burgers. You name it.

Try frying vegetables and even bake a bread, such as baguette, bread rolls or croissants.


When you buy a Philips Air Fryer you are instantly a part of the worldwide community of Philips Air Fryer users. This means that you can find a lot of information about your air fryer. For example for recipes, baking times, tips and also help with problems. Philips also shares many recipe ideas through the official NutriU app for you to get inspired.

If you encounter any problems

We hope you get a lifelong working one but it may happen that your Philips Air Fryer becomes defective or that you experience another problem with your hot air fryer. Consider, for example, a smelly air fryer, white smoke, damaged non-stick coating or a defect with the controls.

Philips online support has a service offering solutions that will advise you further. You have to register your product and get specific assistance.


Nowadays, you can choose from many different air fryers from various brands. And it is not often that a hot air fryer is really disappointing. Quite simply, air fryers can all do the same thing. You set a time and temperature and the circulating hot air ensures that your dish is prepared. Even so, as the inventor of the tool and continuous innovation supplier, Philips deserves to be published in a separated place.

The Philips Twin TurboStar XXL Air Fryer makes a nice combination of analog control with digital display. But the preset programs should have been less prominent. The baking results of the air fryer are excellent and it is nice that you do not have to preheat the air fryer.

We've covered some of the good-value Philips Air Fryers to help you make the choice that fits you best. Whichever you choose, it is more than just a replacement for your old deep fryer. Keep an eye on Use&Cook, thus we'll be happy to update our list as soon as new models arrive in the market and get in our list by adding value to the current user experience.

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